Work with me


Would you like to work with me?

If you have an idea, or something that you find would be an inspiration or a great feature for my blog, I am TOTALLY up for it!!!

I like to write about everything from beauty, fashion, travel, home interiors, motivational speaking, and personal development, even my favourite royal member, Catherine Middleton – which happens to be my favourite articles to write about. I get totally inspired.

I have worked with:

Irresistible Me

Taylor Magazine


Book Review of Enjoy by Trillia Newbell


Zara Lewis – Contributing Writer of High Style Life     high-style-life


Aaron Hiddleston – Interior Designer and Blogger from Sydney and Regular Contributor for

Amy Mia Goldsmith – Regular Contributor for HighStylelife and And others such as, and and Check her out at Elegant Luxe Life!

Catherine Collins

Zoe Sewell

Gabrielle Emmons

Carrie Turanksy – Author of the Edwardian Bride Series, Shine like the dawn and Across the Blue

Note: *Currently not accepting Guest Posts DUE to TAFE/University work.