I have probably raved one about my trip to England just a TAD too many times!!!! As soon as I arrived in London it TOTES felt surreal!!!!! I was there but felt like a million things were going through my mind. I had FINALLLLY reaches my DREAM DESTINATION!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I loved everything about that countryContinue reading “EMMALISA’S TRAVELS IN ENGLAND – JULY 2018”

The 7 Traits of successful elegance

Here are my top 7 tips and traits for a lady aspiring to be a woman of elegance. 1. Kindness – caring, compassionate, loving and considerate A kind person shows concur for the feelings of others and is helpful and generous. A kind person does good deeds without expecting rewards for doing so. It isContinue reading “The 7 Traits of successful elegance”

How to be like “Kate” in a “Kardashian” world 

It is on my heart to give some guideline as to how to live a life similar to Kate Middleton, rather than being consumed by women that educate young women about having Botox, or plastic surgery to have a successful and affluent life. I can’t believe the extreme that young girls go to, to look like someoneContinue reading “How to be like “Kate” in a “Kardashian” world “

Gratitude Journal

One book I read as a teenager in 2004 was “Enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going” by Joyce Meyer. It is a spiritual christian book that digs deeper into the thoughts and joys of life. We were given this life to enjoy every second, minute, hour, day, week andContinue reading “Gratitude Journal”

Top 10 Favourite Bloggers

I just want to share with you TEN Bloggers who I think are marvellous, and have unique  personalities that come out in their writing…. I haven’t listed them in any particular order, just the TOP 10. A bit of Style Icon – From fashion to beauty, her taste is exemplary showcasing Versace bags, and a Chanel brooch…..Continue reading “Top 10 Favourite Bloggers”