Dreamy Body Mist

Two days ago I visited Perth! Yes, again…… This is becoming a regular thing. Garden City just has everything…… Chanel, Forever New, Review, Cue, the list goes on! 

I went to check out the movies but nothing good was on at the time. So I had a Vanilla Soy Chai Latte and browsed in Dymocks. One of my favourite shops! 

This time I went to The Body Shop. I had something in particular I was looking for…. I explained to the lady what I wanted as I had picked up a massage oil but it was too thick and not to put on the face as it can cause break outs. 



On the website there are a range of body mists such as Vanilla Body Mist, Red Musk, Pink Grapefruit Body Mist and Mango Body Mist. 

The lady showed me something that has seriously CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!! 

This is the NEW product I have been DYING to share. 

It is called “Quiet Night Dreamy Body Mist” and you spray it all over your body 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime and also can spray it on your pillow. You can also spray it on your sheets….. And the special encapsulation technology bursts of active fragrance will be released through out the night. 

It has Jujube date extract, community trade camomile and blended essential oils such as lavender to enhance restful sleep. It is absolutely soothing…… And promotes restful sleep. 

This is a WONDER!!!!!! I had the best sleep last night and it cost me about $22. 

Also, night time movement releases the natural fragrance, so it works while you sleep!!!! 

I can not think of a better product!!!! It is something that I have been looking for to help me get better sleep at night….. And I actually spray a bit on my forehead when I am stressed or needing something soothing. Although, it is NOT for the face, and you are meant to avoid the eye area, a little bit on the forehead would be okay. 

I tell you, if you buy this you will NOT be disappointed….. It does all the work while you sleep! 

Look at what someone had to say about it: 

“My overly active mind has ensured that I have always had difficulty falling asleep – and staying asleep – so I have welcomed this Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist: a great companion during the nocturnal hours! I spray this onto my arms and wrists where it is readily accessible throughout the night, and make sure that I inhale it both before and after turning my light out. A beautifully intoxicating, wonderfully sleep-inducing fragrance which I recommend to everyone who has some difficulties with sleep whether it be all the time or just occasionally.”

So, this product is an absolute WONDER! And I highly recommend it to those that need aide in sleep…..

Happy Body Mist shopping!!!!