3 step Pampering Session

Today I spent most of my day in the city of Melbourne, and towards the end of the day I walked into the Swarovski jewellery store and looked in the mirror and was horrified with the way I looked… Because I looked quite tired and at the end of the day my makeup didn’t look fresh.

When I got home I was happy with one of my purchases from a store in South Melbourne. I felt like I needed a total pampering session, so I have put together some products for you to try. For a complete skincare regime I recommend you use the following products:

1. Exfoliation – Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub. It has blue energising microbeads that sweeps away dead skin cells and removes all dirt and makeup that has been on your skin all day.


2. Clay Purifying Mask – Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr refines and purifies the skin leaving it feeling soft and moist. It is for all skin types.

3. Night Time Moisturiser – Arbonne RE9 Advanced Night Repair Creme – I totally swear by this product at the moment, I have been using it every night on my skin before bed, no matter what other products I have been using.



This skincare regime will leave you feeling totally pampered, relaxed and clean. I have only just made this regime up, but if you feel like it doesn’t work for you, no pressure!!! I believe a good step by step skincare program is beneficial for great skin.

Happy Shopping and enjoy being pampered. You deserve it!!!

Exquisite Emmalisa

What is your favourite night cream?

Do you have a skincare program happening everyday?

7 Sparkly Shoes

Not too long ago I finished watching “The real housewives of Melbourne“. Some parts were a little superficial and there was a bit of cattiness in it, but sometimes I just have the mood to just let go and watch a bit of “trash”!!

Gina Liano is one of the characters and she has also bought out her own line of shoes!! Follow her here on Twitter. Most of them are glittery and so sparkly!!! They are all $440 and on her website. You can also buy her autobiography, Fearless for $30. I bought it in Perth before I went to Melbourne a couple of months ago and the criminal barrister has a lot to share, also including a cancer battle she went through as well. I took a picture of it on my Instagram. It is cheaper on The Book Depository and the kindle is much cheaper as well. I was most impressed with her writing, and I made a comment and she commented on my Instagram!!!! ❤

I have been needing some shoes that scream “sparkle”!!!

Here are some top shoes that sparkle like diamonds and like a zillion dollars:

1.  Gina Silver – Can also be Rose Gold which is embellished in crystals and is 5 inches high!!!


2. Head over Heels by Dune Audrine Gold Glitter Heeled Court Shoes – $93 on ASOS

3. Aldo Frius Champagne $80 – These Aldo shoes are a party goer! The sparkle in them will be the disco light of the night!!!


4. Opus Glitter – Gold Penny Loves Kenny – $59.99

5. Pink INC Sinner – $99.95 Sleek and GOLD metallic pointed toes. The ICONIC brings out more on SALE.

6. CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA FORZIERI Monroe Rose Gold Metallic Leather Pump $417- I love the name of this shoe because there are two princesses with those names!! It’s a favourite colour and is plain but shimmery at the same time. Very nice for a special occasion.


7. Beston Ga23 Women’s Glitter Dress Heels – $66.65





What a girl wears as a shoe can say a lot about her personality. If you’re not the “sparkle” type then try Diana Ferrari – Lorikeet Black for $139.95 or some Boden New British Cicely Heel for $168.38, a comfortable high heel that would be great for work or going out! Boden New British is a brand I just discovered, check out their DRESS collection. You will love what is NEW in and some online exclusives.


Exquisite Emmalisa

 When was the last time you went shoe shopping?

Adorable FASHION Designer Dresses

As we’re getting closer and closer to summer, I have been all online searching summer dresses everywhere!!! I have come across a few favourites but haven’t bought anything yet, as I am organising myself for Melbourne. Just a couple of days away!!! I can’t wait!!! These dresses are added to my list, but while I’m in Melbourne I will probably go crazy with shopping and forget about my list!!! I have listed below a few “summer favourites”, and I hope you like them.

Here is a Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Crop Top and Skirt I found on Zaful. Click on the picture for information and to buy!!! This is a FASHION statement, and is so pretty for the summer.


A graceful Marchesa Notte dress with metallic embroidery. With Sheer mesh layers of the skirt, and a thin gold belt. Is cap sleeves and lined. It is 100% nylon and $1,259.


I simply adore and LOVE this Strapless tulle dress by Saint Laurent– It is a part of the RUNWAY Collection and accented with ruffled layers, a flattering bow waistband, and a long dipped hem. This is expensive also, so if it’s a bit pricey for you, check out my favourite store, Forever New. There’s a pretty lace wrap dress called Zena, which is only $159.


If you have some cash to splash, check out this fashion designer brand dress. It is a Dolce & Gabbana Flower Detail Lace Dress. It is $5,349.


I recently bought a red lace dress from Forever New that I may post up next week. This is a Valencia Dress found on ShopBop. It has a lattice trim and sheer short sleeves. It is similar to my Forever New dress, but I just LOVE the sleeves!!! Click on the Shop Bop advertisement down below, if you want to shop for this $402 dress.


The last dress is a bit more cheap at $80, on the Forever New website. It is a one-shoulder floral design in pink, orange and purple. It is called “Eliza“, and is fashionable for daywear, for out and about town. Pair it with some sandals or a bangle, and you’ll look very summery.


Next week I shall post a photo of my new Forever New dress that I am wearing for my friends engagement party. I recently went all out at Forever New as it has some gorgeous stuff!! For not so expensive, not so cheap dresses, Forever New is the go-to. For a list of the BEST Australian Fashion Designer wear, go to POPSUGAR.

Exquisite Emmalisa

evening-studio-lhp  pr-6 1443665678836079186

FP_sb_20151007_topsellers_1-0  shopbop_logo_2x_1-0

How to be a lady

Classic Lady Wide Desktop Background

As I have said before in my “About” page, I have done an elegance course in Etiquette, & Self-Manner. It is important for most women to learn how to conduct themselves in a graceful manner and obtain qualities of self-assurance, and self-confidence. I recently bought two books that have helped me gain confidence no matter what the situation is. If you would like to buy material on being a lady I recommend “A guide to Elegance” by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, and “How to be a lady” by Candace Simpson-Giles. They are my “go-to” and “how-to” books on living with an elegant style. Information on elegance is endless, but sometimes you have to pay to do a course and the information I can give is totally free. I have written down notes from the course that I did, and the books I have listed are also on my Instagram page. The purpose of an etiquette course is to teach young women to conduct themselves in dignity, character and poise. I even learnt this from watching a “Barbie” movie!!!

I am going to start with the “Mindset of a lady”

Firstly, I would like to say that “a woman becomes a lady through training, self-awareness, and a lot of love”.

The beauty of becoming a lady is a timeless thing. Much is to be learnt, and when it comes to training I think the best thing to do is look up on elocution tutorials on YouTube. I came across quite a few lessons, and they teach you how to speak well, and how to present yourself in a proper way. A great film to watch is “My fair Lady” with Audrey Hepburn. It is amazing to see the change in presentation and speech so dramatically.


A lady is someone who has found the true essence of what it is to be a woman. My favourite website is http://www.elegantwoman.org. There are HEAPS of articles on elegance, how to be lovely, etc and they have the right information you need. They also do courses, if that’s what you want to do.

Your opinions and experiences affect all that you do. How you accept life comes across in your attitude, and the mind of a lady will show.

Consider this, a lady embraces the truth of WHO she is and lives her life with strength and conviction in the knowledge that a lady is a magnificent being of charm, beauty and class.

A lady defines what is sensitive, delicate, kind, beautiful and cultured.


Being in tune with beauty does not mean being weak and ineffectual. True beauty comes from within, and what’s in your heart will always show to others.

Just as a diamond reflects such sparkle and beauty, yet is one of the hardest stones, equally a lady can exude feminine beauty whilst remaining strong. The best and my most favourite TV show that exemplifies “ladies” is the much loved series, Downton Abbey. Watch this, as it will help you talk like a lady.


The way that a lady thinks and feels about herself is crucial. It always comes across in conversation, and I have understood this from experience. If you have a positive attitude and mindset, it will radiate and come across in your personality, and people LOVE that!!!! Read books by Georgette Heyer, Julie Klassen or Stephanie Laurens. It will help you widen your vocabulary.

Your love and care for yourself radiates outwards to all those that you come into contact with.

“Know yourself, and love yourself” are indeed important mantras for every lady.

Ask yourself:

Why do you WANT to be a lady?

Have you ever felt less than a lady?

Also, what aspects of being a lady are important to you?

Exquisite Emmalisa


If you want to do a course, I recommend Etiquette and Co, They do a two day refinement package, and I am pretty sure they are held in Sydney. If you live in Melbourne, go to Tanya Powell Modelling Agency. They are great, and such friendly people.


Also, Go to How to be a classy lady article to improve yourself in personal grooming and dressing well. It has great highlights on improving posture, hygiene and dressing elegantly.

One book I have is “How to be lovely“. It has quotes by Audrey Hepburn, and is a great light read. Add this to your “elegant book collection”, and you will be well on your way to being a loveable woman admired by most people you meet!!

miranda-kerr-for-royal-albert HIGH TEA SOCIETY

2 Exotic island getaways….. and, Melbourne of course!



As I am on my way to Perth, I am already thinking about what shops I want to go into. If you asked me a couple of years ago what my favourite stores were, I would’ve said “Review, Cue, and Forever New!!”. I used to love saying it because it rhymed!! I am on my way to Garden City, which is in the suburb of Booragoon. I love going there because everything is bigger and better there. Well, coming from the country it is!! My dream is to travel and see the ENTIRE universe!!! I caught the travel bug when I went up to Port Douglas in October 2013. It is a very touristy place but it is just paradise and in the Northern Tropics of Queensland. I went in a submarine ride, helicopter ride over the Agin Court Reef and snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkeling was the best thing I ever did!! I was afraid at first because the fishes were popping out of the water, but once I got in I got used to it, and it was absolutely refreshing and just magical!! I felt like I was a mermaid and going back there is on the cards and will be visiting there some time next year with the family. I would recommend Port Douglas if you need an absolute getaway!!

Photos of Port Douglas are on my Instagram page.


To get more ideas of travel, I watch shows like WA Weekender, Sydney Weekender, and The Travel Bug. I love magazines like International Traveller (For modern explorers). I have the “island issue” and it has 10 MUST-VISIT pacific Islands. Number 1 is the Cook Islands, a particular island called “Mangaia”, you can walk across the coral and find swimming holes in the barrier reef. Go to www.mangiavillas.com to check out luxury accommodation.

One place that looks amazing is Kosrae in Micronesia. It is between Guam and Hawaii. This looks breathtaking with remarkable coral reef, and a great place to go snorkelling. For more information go to www.kosrae.com.


As first I didn’t like Western Australia, but now that I have been here for almost 2 years I am starting to appreciate its beauty. A particular place that I want to visit is Albany. Many say that it is very pretty, and I went there when I was a little girl to visit my granny, but hardly have any recollection of it. I am particularly interested in the south west of Western Australia as my ancestors settled here from England, but that’s another story!! Interestingly, Albany was actually settled before Perth! It has beautiful scenery and surf beaches, and is on my “travel list” for either this year, or 2016. For more information, visit www.amazingalbany.com.au

As I am writing this blog my Mum is booking tickets to Melbourne! Now lots of people that know me would say that I’d make a good advocate for Melbourne. I talk about it constantly, and it is my hometown. I lived there for 18 years of my life, so I have spent lots of time there, whether it’s shopping, or dining out. I will do a separate blog for Melbourne when I get there, but I just want to say that I think it is the best city in the world!!! There are many more cities for me to see, but from what I have experienced, Melbourne is the most finest, first-class location on the planet. The city is a buzz morning and night, and I love the sound of trams going by. If I could, I would place my bed right in the middle of the Bourke street mall, so I have everything that I need and want right at my fingertips. The coffee is also the best in Melbourne, but there are hundreds of coffee shops to choose from!!! On my way to South Melbourne I used to buy a Vanilla Soy Chai Latte every morning from a small coffee shop near Gloria Jeans opposite the Southern Cross Station. It became my morning ritual.

Panoramic image of the docklands waterfront area of Melbourne

Melbourne is a marvellous place, and I think that if you haven’t been there you are missing out on LIFE!!!! There is just so much to do, and lots to see. There is never a dull moment in Melbourne, and I also recommend you to check out Melbourne Girl for lots of information, and she does an article on 42 reasons why you should live in Melbourne. This is one of my favourite bloggers, and she is up to date with the fashions season and everything else Melbourne!!!


MELBOURNE GIRL - Melbourne Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Emily Collie


It’s funny….. My favourite movie is “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. My next favourite movie is “Beauty and the Briefcase”. What is the similarity between both movies??? They are both based in New York!!! Yep, like I said, I’m a capital city kind of girl, and the day I step into New York I will just feel COMPLETE. I’m grateful for the places I have already been to but New York has just been my dream for a couple of years now. Someone once told me that I reminded them of Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic…… Compliment much!!!! It must be from reading too much of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. She is my favourite author, and if you are looking for some REAL chick-lit, I highly recommend all of Sophie Kinsella’s books, mainly the shopaholic series because it is basically about…. well….. shopping!!!


I already can’t wait to share with you my next blog. I have been collating information on elegance because I want this blog to mainly be about holding yourself with elegance and sophistication and a few other things, such as beauty, health and fitness, makeup and all things girly. I am FULL of ideas, but my library in Merredin is fairly small but it still has great information. I can not WAIT to go back to Melbourne, as I feel like lots of inspiration will HIT but I am learning to live in a country town!! Recently someone said to me to “live in the moment” and that is exactly what I am learning to do.

My goal for this blog was to write at least about 1000 words, and I have finally reached my goal, so I hope you are inspired to travel the world. Go into a travelling agency, and get as many leaflets and brochures as you can!!! That’s what I do!!!!! I hope life inspires you and travelling is one thing that does. My problem is that I want to travel everywhere in this world, and now that I have been to Port Douglas, I have caught the BIG Travel Bug! So glad I am now in Scarborough, WA, because there is a lot to road trip! For more posts on travel, click on the category or click here for new posts. I particularly liked my time in York.

Happy Travelling


Exquisite Emmalisa






One of the most BIGGEST fashion icons, is my favourite role model and royal member, Kate Middleton. I have been following her since late 2013, and I post photos of her on my Instagram. She is an absolute doll, and an amazing, highly sophisticated lady. Otherwise known as The Duchess of Cambridge she is a beacon of modern femininity.

She is always dressed fashionably, and holds herself in a timeless, style-consciousness way. She is one of my role-models, and I love to replicate her look.

For everything on how to replicate Kate Middleton’s style go to Kate Middletons Style. It has basically every event mentioned that she has been to, and where to buy similar clothes to what she wears. It has become one of my favourite websites!!

My favourite piece that I have come across is the JoJo Maman Bebe Princess Line Coat. It is a very fitted coat, nice big buttons down the front, and I love the fact that it is round necked which gives it a very chic look. Kate wore it when she visited the set of Downton Abbey, the much loved TV series set at Highclere Castle. I think a coat like this is a MUST HAVE!!! It is simple, yet elegant.


To buy visit http://www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk

It is absolutely timeless, and is on my “to buy” list. With Kate’s choice of clothing, she shows us how choosing simple pieces can make such a strong statement, but yet look so simple at the same time.

You could probably finish off the look with some L.K. Bennett Sledge round toe platform shoes found on the House of Fraser website. They are $195 POUNDS. These are worn by many popular Hollywood women. It has an almond toe, and are a GLOSSY leather. Stunning heels for a night out!! and I am sure most girls will swoon over them!


Another preference of mine is the Hobbs Persephone Trench Coat. It is a pine green Trench coat. Kate wore it for St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The brand Hobbs say the coat provides a ‘sleek, clean silhouette’ with ‘plenty of contemporary cool’. It has double breasted buttons which is what I like most on a coat. It is approximately $320 Australian dollars, and is found on https://www.hobbs.co.uk. Click here for a lengthy review on Kate’s coats.


When Kate stepped out in London in a Pink Mulberry coat to do three engagements, she stepped out in style. It is a bold fuchsia colour, and can be found on the Mulberry website. If you are looking for a coat that is not too expensive, I would try the Sammy Dress website. From hooded coats to jackets, check out the Stylish Hooded Neck Solid Color Batwing Sleeves Loose-Fitting Cashmere Coat For Women. It is only $18.20.

For something more stylish buy the Vintage Style Scoop Neck Sleeveless Slant Cut Three Buttons Woolen Blend Cloak For Women. It is wool, and very vintage and is only $17.56 with a scoop neck.


I find that the best website to buy coats is ASOS. It’s not too cheap and not too pricey. If you LOVE fur, then I would recommend the Story Of Lola Longline Teddy Bear Faux Fur Coat. It is $185.20, and comes with FREE SHIPPING!!! It only comes in cream, which is a favourite colour of mine. It is lined, and has side pockets and is also double breasted.

Another item of clothing that I absolutely ADORE is the Mendes Dress. It is a maroon red colour, and is totally in season at the moment with HOBBS. It is such a feminine dress, and screams elegant!! It is the perfect dress for a formal dinner, and it will make you look like “royalty”!! and I’m sure most girls will want this dress, if it makes you look like a princess!!! red lippy, you will be well on your way to looking glam. It is a very flattering dress.


If you want to look like Kate, this dress screams royalty with the particular maroon colour.



Spring/Summer 2015

What’s NOW!!


In the current Cosmopolitan magazine you should get a little book on Priceline Pharmacy. It is named “Festival of Beauty“. It has so many cosmetics, body products, skincare products and hair products that you would love.

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How to look like a Melbourne Lady: Accessorise


This is my second blog and I think I’m starting to enjoy this! I recommend to any girl that needs to clear her head and put their mind to some use, or are even getting bored with their life should start doing it. It is enlightening and after doing just one blog I feel a sense of fulfillment and achievement. It was something I desired to do but was feeling a little intimidated as there are sooo many bloggers out there!!! From girls in London, New York, etc, there are alot of amazing women out there that are intellectual and share unique information that I thought I probably don’t have anything to share but EVERYONE has something to share. I’m a believer of Personal Development. Do a course. Learn something new. There is so much to do. I am amazed at women who write books. I personally think you have to have an amazing mind to come up with stories and information. It’s not easy. Although, I have heard on the other hand anyone can write a book. I have started one myself and am looking forward to coming up with a story that I do not know about yet!! It’s a fiction book and I’ve started the first chapter and onto the next!  For a good story, and if you like fiction, I recommend The Governess of Highland Hall. It is by Carrie Turansky and you will find a picture of the book on my Instagram page. It is a stunning read and if you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms from Downton Abbey, it is a must read. So easy to read and yet, stunning.

This blog was meant to be about wearing white but I have gone on a tangent!!!

Moving on, if you need new heels I totally recommend these leather heels from the Wittner Store. Go to http://www.wittner.com.au. They are $179.95. Pair it with a Swarovski leather stainless-steel and crystal watch for $499 and go to www.swarovski.com to buy it. It will sparkle against your skin and make you look dazzling, and then buy a Karen Millen leather bag on the Karen Millen website.


This is a simple, elegant handbag that is sure to grab any girls attention. You will be on your way to looking pristine and amazingly gorgeous. These accessories would look great for an office outfit or even if you are just walking the streets of Melbourne. It will make you look like a “Melbourne Lady”.



Exquisite Emmalisa

Current Issue of In Style


This October there is amazing articles in the In Style magazine from Spring Fashion Shortcuts to How to do on-point makeup. I am loving the Accessorise All Areas section where there is soft pink bags, hats, shoes and even sunglasses.

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Novel Writing Festival

Monthly Festival : Turn your book into a movie and get it seen by 1000s of people. Or garner FULL FEEDBACK from publishers on your novel and help your next draft. Or get a transcript video of your novel performed by professional actors.


Donald Stuart (13 September 1913 – 25 August 1983) was an Australian novelist whose works include stories with Aboriginal backgrounds, and a series recounting his experience as a prisoner of war in Burma in World War II.


My Fashion Collection

Novel Writing Festival

Monthly Festival : Turn your book into a movie and get it seen by 1000s of people. Or garner FULL FEEDBACK from publishers on your novel and help your next draft. Or get a transcript video of your novel performed by professional actors.


Donald Stuart (13 September 1913 – 25 August 1983) was an Australian novelist whose works include stories with Aboriginal backgrounds, and a series recounting his experience as a prisoner of war in Burma in World War II.


My Fashion Collection

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