Coffee Yoghurt with nut Sprinkle

When it comes to dessert, stevia is your secret weapon for guilt free indulgence.

Combined with COFFEE and COCOA, UUUUMMMMM, YES PLEASE!!!!???

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
plus setting time
COOKING TIME: 1 minute

2 tsp powdered gelatine
400g low-fat Greek style yoghurt
1 tsp natural vanilla bean paste

1/4 cup of Sweet spiced nut



2 tsp stevia granules

1 tsp unsweetened

cocoa powder

1/2 cup (125ml) freshly brewed double – strength espresso or good quality strong instant coff


To make the coffee sauce, combine all the ingredients in a small heatproof bowl and stir until stevia and cocoa powder have dissolved into the coffee.

Remove 1/4 cup (60ml) of the coffee sauce and set aside for serving


Sprinkle the gelatine over the remaining coffee sauce and set aside for serving.

Whisk to combine

Set aside for 5 minutes for the water to absorb into the gelatine. Heat the gelatine mixture in the microwave

In a 10 second burst on high until the mixture has dissolved and is translucent


Combine the yoghurt and vanilla in a large bowl. Transfer 1/2 a cup of the yoghurt mixture to a seperate bowl.

Working quickly, whisk the coffee gelatine mixture into the small amount of yoghurt.

Once combined, scrape this into the larger bowl. Working quickly, whisk until combined.

Pour into 4 serving cups or glasses then refrigerate for 2 hours, or until set.


Sprinkle the nut clusters evenly over the yoghurts and serve with the reserved coffee sauce on the side.

The Penguin Book of the British Short Story

Penguin Blog

Edited and introduced by novelist and journalist Philip Hensher, The Penguin Book of the British Short Story celebrates the diversity and energy of British writers. Here, Hensher introduces the collection. 

What do Britain’s short story writers do most characteristically? In some ways, I came to think of the exemplary British short story as Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpiece ‘Silver Blaze’. It is extraordinarily playful with the conventions of its own genre, beginning with an indication of the murderer that could hardly be more explicit or blatant. It is concerned with a huge range of significant and interesting physical objects, including the elaborate dress that is never seen and its owner never identified. It is about the actions of the overlooked and misunderstood. It is about social class, of course. Like many great short stories from Britain, it revolves around a general social gathering with its own rituals – William Sansom’s wonderful…

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My Styling Essentials Online Course with Beautiful Home Magazine


This online course I decided to do through ISCD International School of Colour and Design is endorsed by the Home Beautiful Magazine. They cover the latest design trends and you learn to identify and explain styling specialisations within the design industry.

And also to give you the skill set you need for product, set or home-interior styling.

It is ONLINE ONLY | and is for SIX WEEKS | you can do it ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

The Home Beautiful team is excited to be partnering with the International School of Colour and Design on a brand-new online course, Styling Essentials.

This course (which you can do from the comfort of your own home, anytime of day or night) is a great way to boost your design knowledge so you can style like a pro! Join an engaged community of design lovers and decorators – you won’t regret it.

With modules covering everything from the elements and principles of design, to mood, materials and furniture, Styling Essentials is a new online course for lovers of all things style. The course culminates with a project to put your new skills into practice.

Course content includes:

  • Introduction to styling and elements and principles of design
  • Developing mood
  • Materials
  • Spatial planning
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Styling in practice

Styling is the practice of creating a beautiful room, studio or set to meet a brief for a particular aesthetic for a large-scale photo shoot, product photography or flatlay. These skills are applicable for product styling, set styling, photography styling or interior styling.

This course, endorsed by the Home Beautiful editorial team, with inspiring, beautiful and course-relevant content from Home Beautiful magazine.

Covering the latest in local and international design trends; practical case studies with lots of take-out ideas, and expert styling tips, tricks and advice.

The course culminates in analysing a styling brief and providing a complete styling solution.

What you learn

  • Identify and explain styling specialisations within the design industry.
  • Apply elements and principles of design to a specified space.
  • Communicate design concepts and choices in both visual and written formats.
  • Demonstrate a styling concept in response to a specific brief; with consideration to spatial planning, furniture, finishes, materials and accessories.

How you learn

Our online courses are designed to optimise your touch points and create a dynamic and engaging learning experience. All your support is through a dedicated online learning portal and you will receive support from an industry trainer. Throughout your study, feedback is provided at key activities and/or projects. When studying online with iscd you will become a member of a community allowing you the opportunity to share, learn and network with other students.

You can also read more heon our FAQsection

Course Duration: 6 Modules, approx. 3 hrs each
Trainer Support Period: 6 weeks from date of enrolment
Subscription Duration: 8 weeks


Module 1: Introduction to styling and elements and principles of design

  • Elements and principles in styling
  • Composition and vignettes

Module 2: Developing mood

  • Creating ambience and seasonal style
  • How to create mood boards

Module 3: Materials

  • Soft materials and hard materials
  • Window and wall treatments

Module 4: Spatial planning

  • Interior styling and room layouts
  • Reading plans
    Planning for key rooms in the house

Module 5: Furniture and accessories

  • Furniture selection
  • Accessories and artwork
  • Lighting design

Module 6: Styling in practice

  • Trends in styling
  • Design conceptualisation
  • Concept analysis + how to develop a concept
  • Final Home Beautiful Project

We are excited to see you in this course. We believe you will have a great learning experience with others and discover how to use colour in your current or future design projects!


Styling explores various areas of furniture and accessory sourcing and display to communicate a concept or design idea. Styling identifies both historical design context and current design trends for consideration in the application.

This short course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the design industry and build a successful career. It will teach you how to explore your conceptual ideas and develop them into inspiring designs and create a full colour atlas!

See you in PART 2 ;

Module 1: Introduction to styling and elements and principles of design



Your Home should tell the story of who you are, and be a Collection of what you Love 💓

My Current Home Office

Today I got a little inspiration from someone’s blog about capturing my writing desk and re decorating my home office. Because of all that’s going on in the world and we are required to spend more time at home I decided to work more on the bedroom side of things. I cleaned and re did my dressing table as you would have seen on my recent Instagram post I did a beauty post of YSL and MECCA and The beauty products that I own. I thought it would be a fantastic time to re-do a lot of different things and put some more ideas and perspective into how I go about my business on a daily routine.

First thing I did this morning was have my very first VALENTUS SLIM ROAST OPTIMUM WEIGHT MANAGEMENT coffee which I ordered through a friends VALENTUS business page, Faith Paramena.

It improves your mood and focus and it’s a powdered coffee where it helps shut off cravings in the brain from your stomach and crushes cravings and increases energetic and metabolized fat to energy.

It’s a dark roast coffee and is the solution to my weight management at the moment. It’s a substitute for my morning Nespresso when I crave coffee and sugar for energy. and it also supports blood sugar regulation and boosts circulation and oxygen delivery. Whilst having a coffee that tastes like instant it’s not Nespresso or your regular latte at all it’s fantastic for all those things mentioned and is a dietary supplement.


Onto the desk and office side of things I decided to clear absolutely EVERYTHING off the desk, wipe it down with wipes and re sort what type of books I want on display.

I like to have any material based on “writing” and/or “business” type books. I gave away my 4 business resources to a friend who works for AMWAY so sometimes when I’m doing that when working in business with a friend and you give them resources it really helps and assists with what they do and they may get inspiration from reading a book that may be for another business but a quote might POP out at them and it could ABSOLUTELY help them!

I set out my London sign wipe the MAC computer and set out a new look. I have kept my London mousepad and a few London decorations I have always had. I really want more of a chic pink look sometimes but I love the white look and eventually want to paint my chair white! To match!





How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World – Jordan Christy

How to be lovely (the Audrey Hepburn way of life) – Melissa Hellistern

The Jane Austen Writers Club – Rebecca Smith

Manual of English Grammar and Composition

Eats, shoots and leaves – Lynne Truss

A Writers Commonplace Book – Rosemary Friedman

I want to be creative / Harrier Griffey

That’s 11 books that I keep on my writing desk ✍️

I love the fact that I can set out my favourite notebooks and diaries and really plan out my day once you have a clean office area. It sets the tone and mood for the day and when you minimalise the things you use and have the proper things you need on the desk – materials wise and study wise it really does help with the way you progress and work. The way you set your desk it definitely does affect the way you work for example I have made things simple with choosing just enough books on display and not making it too cluttered. I have 1 mug when I have a coffee or tea and / or I have 1 or 2 diaries to prioritise my tasks and schedule / appointments / ZOOM meetings etc.

I work on different things through out the day so if I am not studying I could be working on writing a song or working on my Virtual Music Manager as of current projects.

It’s my new love and I created a music Instagram page and Facebook page which I will share in a different blog post as that is another whole different thing I will be working on project wise.

I have some things in mind and will keep you in the loop!

I have a website in progress and if you want to work in the music side of things my email for music stuff and projects is

That’s a WHOLE other thing!


Back to the desk!

I have started to create more visuals and been more creative with Canva creating personal development type quotes for something fun on the side to keep me busy!

With something for me to do

I particularly love quotes that keep you on your toes!

And I like to make my own up when I have an AHA moment!

So it doesn’t look like you are copying from the bible or another person!


I hope you are inspired like I was to RE CREATE your office space and be CREATIVE and VISUAL with the things you do!!!!!!

Love Emmalisa


How to dress classy

This weekend I have put together some pieces from my wardrobe and mixed a few things together just for fun! When I am not doing anything else I like to collate inspiration from various outlets such as magazines and online fashion magazines, and I particularly love getting pieces and putting them together with something else and then VOILA! It’s a MATCH! You may have recently seen my “Parisian” style outfit, this has to be my FAVOURITE current outfit, when I realised I had a black beret from Pretty Little thing, and a skirt from PRIMARK, I was like ok what top am I going to wear with this skirt? It HAS to be white! Not too long ago I got an off the shoulder top that was from ASOS, and I got it for about $13 – $20, The skirt was a treasure that I bought in Cheshire Oaks Designer Factory Outlet in England, and it was a huge favourite that I hadn’t worn it yet!!! This by far has been my most CLASSIEST outfit that I have come up with this year…..

I have recently created an Outfits Page, so you can get updated with my wardrobe and the fashion that I am into, and the type of clothes that I adore!

I got SO excited about my “Outfits Page” that I just had to include this picture of the ‘parisian styled’ look!

You don’t have to be “RICH” to be “CLASSY let me tell you that!

and I am sure HALF the world knows that already……

When I was in England I had spending money, and I walked into the Primark department store and saw this skirt, and another top that I only got TWO clothing items. I thought this skirt was soooooo pretty, and floral and I just loved all the colours, you can see why I got it at the drop of a hat!

I am a huge floral kind of lady, and if you want to be classy, you have to find the right pieces, that you have bought previously, and then go through the rest of your wardrobe, pick out one piece of clothing, think, what will go with that?, what will match that? Is there a beautiful accessory that I have that can go with it as well? Should I wear a hat with this outfit? What kind of bag will go with it?

You have to pick on piece of clothing and just work your way around with what you already have.

Don’t go on a full on shopping spree and be like oh I need the WHOLE store just to be classy and posh! BE selective, and buy the prettiest or nicest thing there, and just 1 piece from 1 store. Stores are a trap, just like they say in Confessions of a Shopaholic, that one scene where Becky Bloodwood writes in her work report “Your store card is like a 50 per cent cashmere coat, the first time you meet it promises to be your best friend, until you look more closely and realise its not real cashmere”. You can buy a chashmere coat, and be like Oh! I have the latest designer wear, but WHERE is it from?

Always do you research, make sure that the brand is the first top hit on Google, if you can’t find the company and you want to be designerish looking then don’t spend your money on a brand or company that doesn’t have enough traction and/or top hits on Google, or doesn’t have a website at all. You have to make sure it is a brand that is well known globally, and is the talk of the town wherever you are in the world!

For example, I started following Aspinal of London on social media and they really know how to advertise, and the website is very appealing and markets towards classy sophisticated people that are in the corporate world in London especially. So of course I had to have at least 1 thing from there, and I bought a BAG!

The Aspinal of London bag will be featured on the OUTFITS PAGE. This took me YEARS to save for the ONE thing! and it is a treasure and my most treasurable thing that I have.

I think when it comes to dressing classy you have to be picky about what you get, you could just get black pants for example, then a nice top that is off the shoulder and a little bling with a retro look, add some sparkling ear rings from Lovisa, don’t worry about being expensive, just think what will go with what?

Say, you have got $200 on you, on the weekend, buy $30-50 corporate pants, then buy a $20-$30 top from Valleygirl or Supre that looks like a Cue top or from Review, you can even get cheap tops that look nice from Sportsgirl, and/or places like Tempt. Say you have only $100 buy a $20 top $70 pants and then $10 ear rings.

Classy colours are black, gold, and cream and red. I think these are the primary colours for classiness. For example my Sincere Sally dress is RED and looks classy for a cocktail party and the same with the off the shoulder Jenni black dress, it screams elegance with the slimming waist look and the frills.

You have to think what colours do I like? Find an item of that colour that is either a slimming dress or a cocktail party dress, and then you have something classy!

It takes a lot of time to find your classy niche!!! I remember as a 22 year old I was always shopping on Chapel street going into Kookai, Review, Alannah Hill and Chapel street was ENDLESS! I would work during the day and at 12 o’clock on my lunch break I would hit the streets of South Yarra!

If you want to be classy you have to network with sophisticated people, and people in the area or business that you love, for example, my two favourite ladies are The Lady Wallace – Kylie Wallace who is a TV Reporter in Sydney that I follow and Alena Kate Pettite of the Darling Academy, more on that later as I got Alena’s book Ladies like Us and I am SOOOOOO excited to share with you, I might do a BOOK REVIEW! I am VERY EXCITED!!!!!!! I have spoken to both ladies and I am INSPIRED to write about dressing classy through knowing their content and how they both dress in a sophisticated way!!!!!!

You will find Kylie Wallace at the Garden Party in ENGLAND in MAY this year…..

And Alena she wrote Ladies like Us which is a BEAUTIFUL book on which I will be sharing and writing about later on in the year!

It truly is an INSPIRING book! And has so much truth in it and she holds values and talks about emotional intelligence to beauty in the inside and covering SO many different topics it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

There are so many ways I could talk about how to dress classy but I think it is basically SIMPLE

Choose something basic and then add a bit of PIZZ AZZ to it

Add a sparkling piece like a BANGLE or a headband or ear rings from LOVISA or have a look at Michael Hill or Angus and Coote. They have some lovely pieces and SHIELS too.

I think start with the basics and work your way up. You don’t have to have something totally OUT there. Cue has some pretty black dresses and I think when it comes to class ones you always have to have that “BLACK DRESS” I have 1 literally from an op shop that was $7! And it is the dress that I wore for the VIVA LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO SHOOT as the girl in the red scarf just like my fictitious soul sister Becky Bloomwood.

I have a CUE black dress and it is VERY classy

Always make sure you have at least 1 black dress, 1 red dress and then go to a shop doesn’t have to be anything high designer but have a look in op shops as they do have a “designer” section as I worked there at Save the Children on SCARBOROUGH beach road in SCARBOROUGH and it was WONDERFUL volunteering and getting that retail work experience.

It was a nice experience work wise and I learnt a lot.

You will be SURPRISED with what you find!

So you don’t exactly have to be the NEXT Burberry girl or be on a Forever New advertisement just check out the closest op shop to you locally and you will be SURPRISED with what you find, trust me!

I love the fact that you can go to the medium stores like Cue and not have to spend a fortune. A dress can be minimal and add black high heels with a piece of jewellery that might be dangly and have cubic zirconia a instead of actual DIAMONDS.

You can do what you want and just HAVE FUN WITH FASHION!!!!!!!!

Emmalisa xx 💋





Here are some fashion pieces I have gotten in WESTERN AUSTRALIA I hope you get inspired FASHION WISE!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s in my KENSINGTON PALACE BAG!!!!!!!

Today I thought I would show you all the things I have kept in my Kensington Palace bag from when I visited in July 2018, I spent so much time in different places it is hard to put it all into one thing as there was numbers of things I did and yet STILL soooooo much to do when it comes to England/London/stately homes and palaces etc….. I have kept this bag from when I visited like a year and a half ago, and it has definitely left its mark on me from collecting so many little things along the way such as brochures, memorabilia, books based on the places you visit when you’re there. The day I went to Kensington Palace it was absolutely surreal! I am sure there was a helicopter flying over and all the tourists were like Its Prince William! haha! I will never know for sure!

I kept the main book as it has a lot of history and information that is just amazing! The history you would be absolutely astounded by! You discover a lot about the duchesses’s, princess’s, Lords, etc. Lets take a closer look at the book, and delve deep as I haven’t fully read it myself, I just got it probably for $5 when I was in Kensington Palace, and I had a Diana book that I showed in Instagram stories a little while ago, but now I can’t find it!!!! I had it and then I find something else that I thought I lost, my BIG London postcards which LITERALLY pop out at me! I will be posting the London postcards at the end of this blog post xx

Here is the Contents page…….. Have a look at the chapter titles for yourself, and then we will look more into the book1

Welcome to Kensington Palace!

Of course that is the introduction to the book, how beautiful is this illustration by John Buckler in 1826!

I love old pictures like this, the settings always grab me and it is very romantic, adjust guides you to a NEW world! Takes you back to those time periods of english historical places where you feel romance, and old english gardens, and this illustration is just REAL ART! It really does pop out at me! Old english art is just beautiful, and this sketch looks like something Amy would have drawn in Little Women or something! It is very beautiful, and really captures the Palace as it is, if you stare at it long enough it is almost like you are there!

According to this introduction, Kensington Palace definitely does have its history through the centuries, from William the THIRD to Mary the SECOND in the 17th century and the showing of secret lives and public lives, lots of secret history involved behind palace walls, but then you only know what is public when it is made public… I have always been fascinated by English history through the years, decades, centuries, from long ago…….. and it gets more and more interesting the more things you collect over time!

To be honest, the only tour I remember was Tour 3 Victoria Revealed, I took pictures on my INSTAGRAM, have a look as you will love the big picture of Queen Victoria when she was YOUNG! Probably when she was 18 I think, I am pretty sure that was when she was 18, I took a photo in that room of a piano, which had my heart ❤ The pink and white and green colours reminded me of a nursery, and it was just AMAZING to be standing right in the room where Queen Victoria was when she was a CHILD! Have you seen the ITV series of Victoria? You have to watch that to get more of a story and interesting factors and you learn more about the history and everything that happened by watching it, I started watching it but lost track of time in the process as I was highly enjoying it BUT stopped watching it when I moved again… I shall add it back to the list, but I think it is off Netflix in Australia for those in Australia. I particularly loved the story and the history as I remember a lot about Victoria and Alberts love story…… Highly recommend if you haven’t watched it yet….

Here starts the History! This book is only showing a short history, but sometimes long history can become boring and mundane that you are going to have to read what is written in the pictures. I won’t write anything or long paragraphs in this section as you probably need to read the photos instead to get a better understanding.

I did visit the Kings apartments but I actually don’t remember it much! It is a very vague memory already!

There were quite a few tours, as it was hard to keep up with everything on the Kensington Palace tour!

I visited this room right here, and it is a memory etched in my mind mostly out of all the rooms, I literally stood right in the heart of this room….And stared right at the pictures knowing this was pure art in its form…. A true delight to look at! Interesting and vivid, and captured the eye! It stood right out at you! This was the most ornate room in Kensington Palace out of my opinion. The gold frames were absolutely elegant and guided. I completely MARVELLED at them!!!!!!!


Look at the costumes of the day!

This picture is so beautiful to me, the garden and the English feel of it, its almost like the Secret Garden, and reminds of that poem Lord when I die please let it be in Spring! An English Garden poem I posted a long time ago….. “An Englishman’s Prayer”…….

Here is some further reading for a list of books to get in order to understand more about this topic and the tours involved, these books would elaborate MUCH more on the history and Victoria herself!

I have Victoria: A Life by A. N. Wilson

Today I found THREE London souvenir postcards I bought in the London Eye GIFT shop

I have a brochure of the Tower of London from Historic Royal Palaces, including Banqueting House, a London MAP, Map and information for the Kensington Palace Diana: The Fashion Story exhibition I attended, photos are on my private Instagram account though, hopefully I will post them on my main Instagram page I highlighted before….. ST Georges Chapel book from when I visited there!, Weston Park brochure from visiting somewhere and I collected it somehow maybe at Tatton Parks gift store…. Hampton Court Palace brochure and then a Covent Gardener small book which had a map of Covent Garden, the pictures I took were right where My Fair Lady was filmed! One of my most favourite films of all time with Audrey Hepburn 🙂

Well these are a few of my favourite things that I collected in the Kensington Palace bag when I was there and I have carried it with me on my trip back home!

I hope you enjoyed the history, the book and seeing what I collected as I had a lot of fun collecting brochures whilst on the tour, it was a delight! and as you can see, I have still got my ticket from when I went to PARIS!

Here is a story and pictures of my TOUR ❤

January 2020 – BE INSPIRED with Essential Beauty Trends of REVLON

This month I am using 3 major products and 1 particular product that was actually from Priceline Pharmacy here in Australia, in Kingsway Shopping Centre in Madeley. I will be using other branded products for foundation, and eyeliner and the rest of the face with whatever I do. So for Christmas I got the REVLON Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette 030 where you brush on to enhance complexion for a Natural sun kissed look!

I have started a You Tube Channel and I have done TWO videos NOW!!!!! Here is the link to the second video

EMMALISA TILLI’s January 2020 – BE INSPIRED with Essential Beauty Trends of REVLON YOUTUBE CHANNEL VIDEO

where I will be highlighting the products I have listed. I did an introduction pre – blog post as a practice as I have never done an actual proper beauty you tube channel video. I did one and was meant to do a blog post with the products I had you may notice but I never got around to doing the blog post! So today I will be using 3 Revlon products for the haul, but I don’t have Revlon foundation anymore. I used to use the one with the red lid that every girl used in those days, and would definitely like to get it again, but today I will be using the following:

First off, I will be using the:

MAC Prep and Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere – Natural Radiance Illuminating Base

A silky gel emulsion, rich in natural ingredients, that hydrates and primes to improve foundation or powder application and promote smooth texture. Vitamins E and C protect with antioxidants, while caffeine calms skin. Illuminating pearl powders reflect optic radiance. Now in two shades: Radiant Yellow is especially effective on deeper skin tones and Radiant Pink for fairer skin tones. The formula disappears upon application, resulting in a beautiful glow.

  • Provides long-term hydration
  • Smoothes and softens skin
  • Improves radiance
  • Refines skin
  • Silicone-free

NARS – Light 2 Vanilla Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Natural look. High coverage. Concealing hits an all-time high with this lightweight, full coverage concealer. Get high-performance correction with soft-focus blurring: Soft Matte Complete Concealer instantly conceals dark circles, redness, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and acne with a light-diffusing effect that blurs and smooths. Overtime, skin becomes softer and smoother from collagen-boosting peptides, hyaluronic acid, and a protective cocktail of Vitamins A, C, and E. Complete comfort. Completely natural-looking coverage. Oil-free.

Smash Box Studio Skin 15 hour wear hydrating foundation – It is a high-performing liquid foundation that helps you face anything. Studio Skin evens skin tone & never settles into pores & lines. Find your perfect match among 40 shades (that won’t oxidise) & a broad range of undertones. My shade is: FAIR WITH WARM OLIVE UNDERTONE

You can get it for $36 at Smashbox online

After the foundation I will be using the eye primer from Younique. It is called:

Moodstruck Eye Primer


You can watch a You Tube Totorial HERE as I forgot to include it in the YouTube tutorial I did!!!

Then I used:

Revolution Makeup Revolution London Reloaded Velvet Rose Eyeshadow Palette – bestselling

A truly compelling mixture of 15 smooth and rich shades, featuring essential beiges and browns, multi-functional shimmery golds, burgundy hues and an ultra pigmented black with a copper glitter twist

matte peachy beige
shimmery warm gold leaf
matte brandy brown
matte warm taupe
metallic cream gold
matte deep warm bronze
matte peachy beige
metallic tan rose
metallic chocolate bronze
matte muted apricot
metallic peachy gold
matte burnt cinnamon
matte deep brown
matte caramel
shimmer black with a copper twist

How Pretty is this GORGEOUS palette!!!??

And then after applying the eyeshadow using a highlighter then a brown one and then a gold one I used the:

REVLON Blush Highlight Palette


Easy to blend, buildable colour gives a multi-dimensional sculpted look. Provides natural colour highlights and a soft healthy glow

This is my current FAVOURITE contour palette and only one at the moment, when I went to do the tutorial that didn’t upload I was COMPLETELY frustrated there was an error and I couldn’t show you the WHOLE 22 minutes of each step of each product. It was hard work and took a long time so when the ending was frustrating I was so glad when I did another video it at least uploaded! I will do my best to do another one hopefully as I had a lot of fun with the first idea tutorial, I could get used to this! What I will do is upload pictures of me so you can see the finished product otherwise it would have been a TOTAL waste of time!!!! All that work! haha! I could do so much for a review on this highlighter palette and I wish I could provide an EXCEPTIONAL review! If you look at how the gold and the browns gathered together you can see the contouring is just AMAZING!!!!! I was HIGHLY excited over this one product and I completely swear by it at the moment I cannot recommend it enough!!! I think out of all the products I used in this blog post/youtube channel/tutorial it is by FAR my absolute favourite!!! If you are olive skinned EVEN better, it gives such a beautiful bronzed sun kissed glow and if that is the look you are going for this is the BEST product to use during this Summer season in Perth, Western Australia.

After the highlighter I then used the:

Still Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner

I love how it has that smudged effect, as it doesn’t look totally perfect but it is a nice line effect along with that 50’s look. An iconic smudge stick liner designed to deliver highly-pigmented colour and long-lasting wear even on sensitive or watery eyes.  I particularly used this eyeliner as it is Ultra-Creamy and it builds the product up for a smudged eyeshadow effect…

After the eyeliner I then used REVLON VOLUME & LENGTH MAGNIFIED

Full, feathery lashes. High-gloss finish.

This transformative mascara makes a big thing out of ordinary lashes, with maximum volume and unbelievable length.

I have seen some good some bad reviews on this, I like the fact it wasn’t one of those mascara that say oh! it is FULL of volume, and has a crappy wand, THIS wand happens to be favourite. I love the wand of this mascara and it does give quite the volume but I found it hard to get that full lash effect even though it says volume and length, i felt it did the job anyhow!

Revlon Colour Stay Lipliner

Rich color. Long-wearing definition

I received this Revlon Colorstay lipliner in Mauve as a Christmas Present. I have always been a fan of Revlon products and their Colorstay line especially. This lipliner was absolutely beautiful. It can be used to define your & glides on easily and not JUST THAT, its products are made to prevent bleeding. My lips felt exceptionally smooth. The Mauve shade gives that enhanced & natural colour. It REALLY DEFINED the outside section of my lips so I highly recommend this lipliner and have added it to my list of favourites!!!

La di da!

What do you think of the finished look?

Do you have any favourite products from this collection?

Do you prefer the Revlon Mascara?

Smashbox Foundation?

Stila eyeliner?

Leave comments below on which product is your favourite and why, and I will be happy to reply! I love to hear from you. Especially if it is to do with the category of Beauty! If you comment I will add you to my list for my NEXT GIVEAWAY.

Love Emmalisa


London Pop Box MARCH and CHRISTMAS HAUL of 2019

In MARCH 2019 I bought a LONDON POP BOX and it was called the SOUTH BANK box

South Bank Box MARCH 2019

When you buy the South Bank Box you get 6 different items!!!!!!!

The first item is a LONDON pencil case which was 10 pounds it is a part of the SKETCH LONDON RANGE designed by a UK based artist Angela Fielder a perfect pencil case and accessories bag a fun and practical gift from LONDON 🎁 💝 and is found at

The next second item was a LONDON PIN BADGE which was 8 POUNDS


This colourful enamel pin badge is perfect for anyone that LOVES LONDON 💓 It features a gold base with pastel colours. The badge is secured with hard clasps.

The third item was London city NOTEPAD

From the Angela Fielder range

3 pound 50

This cute little orange notepad has a vibrant and bright city skirt like design! It’s so cute and pretty to use for when you write little things down through out the day! Goals or lists!

I had a 4th item which was a stress less London bus 3 pound 50 and it was a very nice item to have on display in my room but I have it away to a child! Haha! It is cute and a red bus that anyone would ADORE!

2 pound 50

For your new pencil case desk or home office Loveable London icon pencils!

The sixth item I got a snack but obviously I have gobbled it all up months ago!

They were 2 pound 50 and were from LONDON CRISP COMPANY and GNAW CHOCOLATES!

Facebook pages are London crisp and Gnaw Chocolates on Facebook
For Christmas I got a STUNNING EXQUISITE Royal Albert Sitting Pretty coffee mug from the Candy Collection which is combining a bold magenta border with multi-coloured floral prints, ‘Sitting Pretty’ boasts a lively and eye-catching design on a fresh mint green background. This is my NEW favourite mug I got for Christmas which is about $30 on the Royal Albert website and I have been using this for my coffee and tea everyday.

This beautiful Jennifer Lopez fragrance that I got for Christmas 2019 is PROMISE and is the nicest perfume I have actually had in a while. It is very elegant and the type of perfume I would wear either during the day or night. But it is more perfect for that evening dinner with a classic black dress for a night out on the town!