Top 5 Benefits of Installing Awnings for Home

Awnings are considered as one of the most important things for the residential as well as the commercial buildings. It provides shade in the outdoor areas. There are various benefits of installing the awnings but one of the main benefits is the protection it provides to the building from the unfavorable weather conditions which helps in keeping the building look new and safe for a longer time. Talking about the variety of the same, there are different types of awnings available in the market. Be it the color, design or pattern, you can get plenty of options to choose from. Awnings provide a lot of benefits to the residential as well as commercial buildings.


Benefits of Installing Awnings

  • Make Your House Look More Spacious: Awnings provide extra space to play and enjoy the outdoor games. You can actually use the space according to your desires and requirements. By installing awnings at your home, you can have a large number of guests without worrying about the space. No matter, if it’s a beautiful sunny or extreme rainy day, you can enjoy both by sitting on your verandah. With the help of awnings, you can design your house according to your own preferences.
  • Gives Your Home a Classy Look: Installing an awning in your house doesn’t only make it look beautiful but also makes it look expressive as well which increases its value. Awnings make a house look attractive and provide a bigger space to enjoy and have a good time with the family. If you’re someone who wants everything up to date and do not want to keep things boring and mundane, then installing awnings in your house would be the best idea for you. You can also customize according to your requirement.
  • Reduce Energy Costs: When you install awnings in your residential or commercial buildings, it helps in reducing the direct solar heat, which is why the cooling energy costs get reduced eventually. To save even more money, you can opt for the retractable awnings.
  • Protects House from Various Weather Conditions: After installing awnings in your house, you don’t worry about sun’s harmful UV rays, snow, rain or any weather-related problems because awnings protect the house from all these. The house remains new as no discoloration and deterioration happen to the house. Awnings help in protecting the indoor as well as the exterior furniture.

Awning for Home

These were some of the valid reasons for installing the awnings in your house without giving it a second thought. There are different types of stylish awnings available in the market. You can choose any of them as per your need and give your house a brand new look. Talking about the cost of installing the awnings, it depends on the service provider.  Some service provider may install the awnings in affordable price, whereas some can charge extra or quote price that may beyond your calculated budget or price. Therefore, industry experts suggest of conducting research before hiring any service provider. These were some of the important information related to the awnings.


Split System Installation: Install Indoor and Outdoor Separately

Air Conditioner for Home

Scorching heat during summers can exhaust your energy level. That is why, coming after a hard day’s work at home, your Air Conditioning unit is something that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Some would say that central air conditioning may not always be possible then it is wise to look for window units. But in case both the options are unmatched in your case, you can always find more cool air in your home with split air conditioning system. But before you jump into any conclusion of split system installation you better look through some general information like what and why would you choose it?

Split Air Conditioning Units
Split Air Conditioning Units

What Is a Split Air Conditioner?

In any split air conditioner system, you will find two main parts, the outdoor unit, and the indoor unit. This outdoor unit is installed near the wall outside or even in the room where you want it to be cool and the indoor unit is the sleek part of the appliance. The outdoor unit has the condenser coil, compressor and expansion coil. The indoor unit has the cooling coil, an air filter, and a long blower.

Before figuring out the process of split system installation you should know that this type of air conditioning system is different from other types of AC units. The main cause is that this system does not require any ductwork. Both the outdoor and indoor units only require some electrical wiring and tubing.

Why Choose Split Air Conditioner?

Any kind of air conditioning system using split technology uses an indoor mounted unit which is capable of blowing cool air in the room and the outdoor unit dissipating the heat from the cool place. There are quite some benefits of choosing this system:

  • It has a R410A refrigerant that is used to cool or heat the area. It is very environmental-friendly.
  • In most of the split systems, you are going to have DC inverter technology. This is responsible for precise thermal control.
  • When you will decide on split system installation you will find that it is a compact form of an appliance that not only saves your expenses through electricity usage but also compliments the modern surroundings of your home.
  • The filters will remove the impurities of the air and helps you breathe in healthy air.
Split Air Conditioner
Split Air Conditioner

How to Install Split System?

Install the indoor unit:

Step 1: You must select a location for installing the indoor unit of your split unit which is away from direct sunlight or any type of heat source. Make sure that the unit has at least 6’’ of open space above it.

Step 2: In this step, you will drill holes for affixing the mounting plate on the wall. Make sure it is perfectly horizontal.

Step 3: Drill a hole in the wall for fitting the pipes. Consider the distance first for connecting it with the outdoor unit. The hole should be 3’’ in diameter and slope downward. Insert a flange in the hole.

Step 4: After checking the proper diagram mentioned in the unit, you should now connect the pipes. Lastly, secure the indoor unit.

Install the outdoor unit:

Step 1: The outdoor unit requires 12’’ of space around it so choose a place for it which is not too much crowded, hot or even dusty.

Step 2: Lay the concrete pad which must be leveled properly on the ground.

Step 3: Connect the electrical wires of the unit.

Step 4: You now must secure the flare nuts with the corresponding pipes on this unit.

Step 5: You must check the air and humidity from the refrigerant circuit.

Step 6: Now wrap the joints of the piping and affix it to the wall with clamps. It’s better to seal the hole in the wall with polyurethane foam.

This split system air conditioning is the best choice when budget is your prime concern. If you consider split system installation you are actually protecting the environment also.

All That You Want to Know About Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is one of the most opted options for people across the globe. The wood colors compliment most of the colors compared to carpets that date with time. So many people are opting for this option because it is simple, beautiful and elegant as well. These are available in a wide range of colors and price ranges. Purchasing these flooring options is not difficult, however installing and maintaining may require professional help. You need to be proactive in identifying the areas that need proper attention and take care to maintain these for a long time. Here are some of the reasons why many people prefer solid wood flooring.

Match with Any Wall Color

Natural colors can match with almost any color and so is true with the solid wood flooring. As a homeowner, you do not need to rely on the color of your floors while choosing the wall color because almost any color will match. You can experiment with various colors and choose the ones which will be perfect for your interior designing plans.

They Add Classy Appeal

The solid finishing of these floorings adds a classy appeal to your home. As a result, visitors and friends that come to your house will never stop talking about it. The floors with solid wood flooring can be a perfect complement for contemporary as well as the traditional floors. The beautiful shine and look of the floors can match up well with any setting. All that you need to do is to take regular maintenance seriously and polish the floors in the set interval in order to keep it looking like new.

Durable Choice

Most people believe that the solid wood flooring will even outlast the homeowners and get better with time as well. If you have carpets on the floor, it will need constant vacuuming and cleaning to keep it free of dust. If there is a wine spill on the carpet you can forget about it, but that is not true with the solid wood flooring because all that you need to do is to clean it and make it shiny again. You can be happy that with regular cleaning and timely maintenance there is no chance of stains on your floor.


Solid wood flooring is a cost-effective choice for sure. The investment that you make in the initial stage may be higher than some other options because the installer also needs to be experienced in this process. However, when you consider the number of years these floors will provide beauty and elegance to your home, you can be happy and relaxed that the overall process is cost effective. You do not need to spend on the regular maintenance of the floors and in this way, you are able to save a lot over a period of time.

Low on Maintenance

Well, the installation and taking care of the flooring is easy and low on maintenance. All that you need to do is to clean the flooring on a regular basis and not worry about what stains are going to come because even a single mop is good enough to clean many of the days to day dirt and dust of the floor. However, every once in a while, you can go for a polishing to bring out the good and sparkling looks back again.

So, make sure that you compare the several options in solid wood flooring out there and get it installed by a professional with years of experience to get good looking and durable flooring.



Timber Furniture: Growing in Craze Among Homeowners

Timber Furniture

You have already worked hard on your new house and finally it is getting together. Right from the color on the walls to the timber flooring, you had the best things in the market to complete your dream house and it has turned out to be quite a success. However, it is now time to check on the furniture sector as you don’t want to be missing out on the best timber furniture available in the market. Some people have a craze for metallic and aluminum furniture, but wooden ones are the best. These are more natural looking over anything else and you can also get the best longevity from this wooden furniture. Even you can do some polishing works on this furniture after certain time and you will increase their longevity as well.

Timber Furniture
Timber Furniture

What are the Attractive features of Wooden Furniture?

The first misconception that people used to have about wooden furniture has to be with its durability. They always think that wooden furniture is not going to last long and are more prone to moisture based damages. This is not technically wrong and you can easily use the wooden furniture for a longer period than other materials. But the fact is that notable manufacturing units ensure to coat a clear paint or laminated sheet of some sort on the timber furniture before dispatching it to the market. This coat is like a protective shield, which will protect the furniture from water, dust and sunrays.

#1. Can last for long:

If you think that wooden furniture is not going to last log then think again. Certain wooden products are so durable, that those can last for decades without a single maintenance from your side. For that, you just have to get to the core of the products and learn more about it. You have to get to the best manufacturing house in your locality and ask them to make the exquisite wooden furniture to use. If you have a soft corner for timber, then you can ask them to make timber products, as well.  Wooden furniture can provide you best longevity and you can use it for many years.

#2. Renovate the look completely:

If you want to change the entire look of your place, you might want to try timber furniture for a change. Try to get rid of the iron or aluminum items. For that, you can just change it with a more naturalistic look of the timber based furniture. For that perfect home improvement, nothing can work better than these products. If you are still not sure how, then you might want to give it a try and use it.

#3. Not harming the nature at all:

Just because solid timber planks are used for manufacturing timber furniture, that does not mean that the manufacturers are harming the environment by cutting down all the trees. Manufacturers are basically cut down the old trees in a scientific manner. On behalf of those trees, new ones are planted and those are given proper supervision for its healthy growth. The best thing is that manufacturing units are always thinking about the environment and some of them are even recycled from old wooden products to give that new and revamped look.

If you have few pennies to invest then always go for timber furniture and improve the complete look of your place. This is going to be just mesmerizing and will act in your favor in the best manner possible. The products are strong and resilient, easy to keep and even beautiful at its best. So, without wasting any time further, you know just the right furniture to purchase.

Making the Right Choice When It Comes to Professional House Cleaning

It rather takes a hell lot of time when trying to clean your room. You are always busy 5 days a week, and the 2 weekends seem to pass like a minute! Trying to clean your entire house within those two days is impossible. You need to dedicate hours for cleaning a room, and you don’t have that patience. But, there is a solution for anything, and the solution for this problem is help from professional house cleaning companies. These companies are known to serve multiple people by cleaning their houses professionally.

Professional House Cleaning

What are the Features of Professional House Cleaning Services?

Using Modern Tools Now:

Cleaning your house is not just about vacuuming or dusting. Using basic items like a mop or vacuum cleaner won’t help you to reach those corners and you might end up leaving those spots unclean. Bacteria and viruses tend to grow easily and will hamper the entire health.  Their tools are associated with modern technology and will help in adding more value to your place. So, using experts for their professional house cleaning and never must worry about the hygiene of your place ever.

Check Out the Charges:

Now, this seems to be the first point crossing your mind. How much will the professional cleaners charge for their service? It depends on the type of servicing package you want for them and for how long.

  • If you are planning to call them for a day then the charges will be low when compared to monthly services.
  • Moreover, the prices are going to vary from one company to another, as well. Depending on the area of your house to the number of rooms or floors to cover, the prices are going to differ.
  • It is always important to call an expert first and have a thorough chat regarding professional house cleaning. Provide them details of your requirements and check out their prices.
  • After a hearty conversation with you, the company will be able to provide you with a proper quote on your cleaning spree. The charges also depend on the location of your house, and the extent to which you need a house cleaning. Additional transportation costs will be less if you hire local cleaning professionals.


Ways to Hire the Experts:

If this is your first time asking experts for professional house cleaning, then remember to follow some simple points. It might take some time initially but can prevent you from spending money on the wrong company.

  1. You must be very sure of your research. Choose the local professional cleaners as they will be able to reach your house on time and start working. You should also check their credential rates and the charges they ask for before addressing their services.
  1. Always get to know the pros and cons of the company before asking for house cleaning services. Remember that you must be very sure of their working experience and secure services before moving further with the result.
  1. Decide whether you need help from a cleaning company or an individual cleaner. The former one might take extra bucks but their services are worth it. Moreover, a cleaning company will only provide help from secure cleaners with experience and a good reputation of being true to their services. It is hard to find these features in an individual cleaner.
  1. It is also very important to sign an annual maintenance and house cleaning contract with the company before you finalize the deal.

Once you have checked out these points, it will be rather easier for you to hire the best professional house cleaning company among the lot. Then you can ask them to take care of your house.

Tricks to Get a Quality Clothes Dryer at a Low Rate

If you are a buying a dryer for the first time, you may not know the specifics in detail. When you decide to find a suitable cheap clothes dryer, you need to keep these specifics clear before choosing one. I have a personal classification of cheap clothes dryers:

  1. Cheap Clothes Dryers That Rip You Off Your Money
  2. Cheap Clothes Dryer That is a Good Deal

Clothes Dryer

See what I just did here? I am just trying to tell you that if you are not careful enough, you could end up having a poor quality of clothes dryers. When you hear cheap clothes dryer, the first thing that comes to your mind is a low quality. It is obvious for any person to associate low prices with low quality as that is the usual norm. But, here is a small trick – get the right size and the right style of the dryer that is suitable for your household and you are definitely not going to have to pay more. Also, always wait for season sale offers to roll out. During these sale periods, you get enormous amounts of discounts and thereby you can buy cheap clothes dryers. Here are the factors you need to consider:

  • The Size: Clothes dryer is one such appliance for which the line “the larger the better” does not hold. You do not want to go overboard and buy a huge dryer as that would not benefit the cause. A large dryer with lesser clothes to dry will just consume more power and occupy extra space. So, carefully measure the available space for the dryer and estimate how much laundry you do in one go usually. Generally, for 2 members in the family, it is advisable to get a dryer of the capacity of 4kg – 6.5kg. For a 4-member family, you should get 7kg – 8.5kg dryer capacity and for a large family, you can keep adding 1 kg each for every extra member and thus decide the size of the dryer. These numbers may vary according to the usage.
  • Gas or Electric? The first step in choosing an energy efficient cheap clothes dryer is that you have to decide whether the dryer has to be run by gas or electricity. If your home already has a gas connection, you know that a gas propelled dryer is preferable. But gas dryers are costlier than electric ones. Though, gas dryers have lower operating costs. So, if you are using a clothes dryer regularly, you should choose a gas dryer to get long term profits.

Electric Clothes Dryer

  • You May Need to Focus a Bit on The Inbuilt Features in The Dryers:
  1. Moisture Sensor: These sensors can sense when the clothes are completely devoid of moisture and cut short the cycle accordingly.
  2. Steam Drying: This is one of the latest innovation in the dryers. It sterilizes your clothes and makes them warm and easier to iron. This also is beneficial in killing off nasty smells.
  3. Anti-Wrinkle: This is a technology for reducing wrinkles and making ironing easy. You save a lot of time while ironing this way.
  4. Drying-Rack: It is a feature that is meant for items that are not meant to be bumped around during drying, like gym shoes and teddy bears.
  5. Speed Drying: It enables you to quickly dry clothes so that you do not have to wait around for ages for the dryer to complete the cycle.
  6. Delay Timer: When you are busy operating other equipment and are over loading the power supply systems, you can set the dryer to start off late during the off-peak power periods.

All these points can be kept in mind while choosing a cheap clothes dryer to ensure you get the complete value of your money.

Tips on Installing a Split System Air Conditioner Rightly

split system installation

People generally hire experienced professionals to mount a split system air conditioner. However, if you have courage and the required experience with plumbing and electrical work, you can undertake split system installation on your own. Each split system air conditioner is unique to its manufacturer for the ways of installation. Therefore, you should ask dependable experts to do the installation in the required scientific manner.

split system installation1
Split System Installation

System Split Installation can be easily done in the following 3 simple steps

It is important to purchase a star graded, certified unit from a reputed store. Remember followings:

  • Choose certified split system from a reputed store
  • Arrange installation by certified, experienced, licensed AC technician
  • Arrange at a suitable time
  • Visit related web sites to learn AC installation

Split System Installation Guide: A must know

First, install the indoor unit as mentioned below:

  • Select an unobstructed location on your interior wall
  • Ensure protection from direct sunlight and heat
  • Avoid locations where gas may leak or oil mist exists
  • The unit requires at least 6″ of open space surrounding its top and sides and should be mounted at least 7 feet above the floor
  • The wall should be strong enough to hold the weight of the unit
  • Install the mounting bracket of the indoor unit at least 3.3 feet away from any kind of power connecting

Know how to Drill a Hole in the Wall for Piping

Once the installation of mounting bracket is complete, drilling a hole of required diameter is important for a successful split system installation. Go through the following points:

  • Consider the best spot for the hole, on the basis of the opening in the mounting bracket.
  • Consider the length and the distance required for the pipe to travel to reach the outside unit.
  • Drill hole that is 3″ in diameter. It should have adequate slope exteriorly to aid in drainage.
  • Insert a flexible flange into the hole.
split system installation
Split System Installation

Checking of the Electrical Connections

  • Lift the unit’s front panel and remove external cover.
  • Be sure that the cable wires are connected to the screw terminals properly.
  • Make sure that they match the diagram of the guidebook that comes with the unit.

Connecting the Pipes

  • Run the piping from the indoor unit toward the hole drilled on the wall. Avoid bending too much to ensure that the unit performs as specified.
  • Cut PVC pipe 1/4″ shorter than the length between the interior and exterior wall surfaces.
  • Place the pipe cap on the interior end of the PVC pipe. Then you have to put the pipe into the hole drilled in the wall.
  • Now, bound all the three pipes namely the copper pipes, the drainpipe, and the power cables together with electrical tape. Place the drainpipe on the bottom to ensure a free drainage of water.
  • Run the bounded pipes and cables through the hole in the wall.

Installation of the Outdoor Unit

  • The outdoor unit’s location should be away from dusty, humid, or hot areas.
  • It needs 12″ of space surrounding its perimeter for proper functioning.
  • Secure the outdoor unit to the mounting plate by pressing the unit against the mounting bracket.

Connect the Electrical Wires

  • Remove the cover
  • Refer to the wiring diagram to ensure the cable wires are connected accordingly
  • Fix cables with cable clamps and remove all covers
  • Secure the pipes’ flare nuts to the corresponding pipes on the outdoor unit of the system

Fasten the piping to the wall with clamps. Once you are done, then seal up the hole in the wall using expanding polyurethane foam. Hence, this is the complete split system installation tips and steps to follow.

Why opt For Stone Bench Tops For Your Kitchen?

Stone Bench Tops

The modern homes create a kitchen that is the heart and soul of the entire house. It’s therefore important to choose the bench tops that have a quality surface and a good finish. It is an important decision, as there are two types like stone and laminate. The stone benchtops are used for the surface of the kitchen that sets the tone of the entire area. It needs to be given a thought, as this is such an investment that cannot be replaced often. What must be considered before the purchase of the bench top? The vital factors are the overall aesthetics that will change the overall look of the kitchen.

Stone Bench Tops
Stone Bench Tops

The durability is another important factor that the homeowner must consider. The requirement to maintain the surface easily is essential. The homeowner must decide the different ways in which he will use it and lastly the budget that you are comfortable with. The stone bench tops are a popular choice among homeowners, as it adds glamour as well as style to the kitchen. The look of the surrounding area also gets transformed completely. It is considered as a timeless appeal and the most practical alternative for a luxurious surface.

Benefits of Stone Bench Tops

Stone Bench Tops1
Stone Bench Tops1
  • The obvious benefit of stone bench tops is the quality. It is expensive as compared to the other materials but it has a stunning look and delivers great service for many years. It is not only a bench top for the kitchen but also is a great investment of the home incr easing its value.
  • Stone is known for both beauty and smooth touch. It is found in attractive mixture of colors with swirling light and dark shades. It also has a staggering array of patterned colors. The stones that are used are available in large chunky chips as well as blended monochromatic stones. The neutral one’s blend easily with any color scheme used for the kitchen. The thickness of the stone is selected as per the needs of an individual.
  • It is a known fact that stone is the strongest materials in the whole world. It is also tough and long lasting. It can be cleaned just by rubbing with a damp cloth. The stone is preferred to other materials, as it is resistant to stains and scratches. The added benefit is that it will not degrade over a period.

What is engineered Stone?

Stone Bench Tops
Stone Bench Tops

The engineered stones are made from crystals of quartz. They are like natural stone but have many more advantages than natural stone.

  • Since the material is compressed into slabs, they have similarity in color and texture. The only difference is that the color is uniform unlike the natural stone.
  • The engineered stone bench tops will match your kitchen throughout with perfection. The colors available include earth tones all around the spectrum. The other colors are rose and gray. The color usually is natural but you can add desired colorants.
  • The main advantage is that it will not wear out as soon as granite. It has the property of resistance to heat. Hence, a heated pan will not leave a scratch.
  • The engineered stones do not absorb liquids. Therefore, it is much easier to clean the slabs. You will find that it is an asset when you work with raw vegetables, fish, or meat.
  • The stone bench tops are of best in use if made from engineered stone. They also stand up to oil, juice and many other substances. It will go well with the latest kitchen models.

Thus, it is advisable to consider stone bench tops for your kitchen.

Why Install Evaporative Coolers in Your Home During Home Improvement

Evaporative coolers are a popular choice in residential region of low humid areas owing to their property of cooling the outside air and passing it over water-saturated pads into the house. They thus pass cool air into a house through the evaporation of water over the pads and contrary to the conventional air conditioning system, also recirculating the stale warm air from inside by pushing it out from the windows. The technician would install the ducted unit on the roof wherein the cool air would be passed through a series of outlets placed in different rooms. Since this cooling system uses the natural cooling properties of water for lowering the temperature of a house, it is a cost-effective alternative with various other benefits as well.

Evaporative Coolers Living Room

Advantages of Installing an Evaporative Cooler

There are numerous ways in which an evaporative cooler can be a better choice for you than any other air conditioning systems. The benefits offered by this cooler include the following:

  1. Low Humidity: Evaporative coolers are great for dry regions as they help in adding moisture to the air through its simple cooling process. Dry air can lead to problems such as drying out of furniture as well as worsening of health problems such as allergies and asthma, so such a unit helps in adding the required moisture into the air and overcome the problems.
  1. Energy Efficiency: Since evaporative coolers consume only the regular household current and do not require much electrical energy, they help in saving money spent on electricity during the hot and dry seasons. They are thus, a very cost effective variant for cooling an entire house or commercial space.
  1. Environment-Friendly: Since this cooling system does not use refrigerants for the cooling process, it does not emit any greenhouse gases and is thus environment-friendly. Furthermore, they also do not produce noise pollution. They operate quieter than other air conditioners, thereby proving beneficial for households as well as commercial spaces.
  1. Low Maintenance: Since the evaporative coolers use fairly simple technology, they require low maintenance when compared to the complex systems of traditional air conditioners. Additionally, they can be fixed to a window and do not require any extra ventilation, thereby reducing the operating costs.
  1. Air Filtration: These coolers are very effective in filtering the outside air by blocking the pollen and dust through the cooling pads. They also help in cleaning the air inside the house by blowing the smoke or cooking smells away.

Evaporative Coolers

How to Maintain Evaporative Coolers

While such coolers require very low maintenance, one should regularly try to keep it clean for higher efficiency through the following methods:

  • Clean the debris and dirt collected over the duct work as well as on the air filter of the system through which the air passes into the house.
  • Make sure the system performs well when it comes to conditioning the moisture properly, as the improper provision of moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew in the house.
  • You can improve the operation by getting a thermostat for such coolers which turn off the cooler automatically when the area is cooled at a desired temperature.

These features of evaporative coolers make them a preferred choice in households of dry and hot areas. Thus, if you are renovating your house and are looking for an efficient cooling system that requires minimum maintenance and performs at lower operating costs, then an evaporator cooler is the choice for you. Make sure you contact the reputed evaporative cooling service provider for getting one for your home as a cooler of low quality would lead to unnecessary maintenance costs.

Enhance The Visual Appeal Of Your House With European Oak Wood Flooring

European Oak floorings are exotic in appearance, which makes them a popular choice for customers. European oaks are tough species of trees known for their strength and longevity. They are resistant to insects and fungal attack. The planks used in European oak floorings are much wider than American oak floorings. This is because oak is cut in a different manner in Europe than in America. Europeans utilize a special technique to retard the growing cycle of the oak to provide a tight grain.

European Oak Wood Flooring

Features of European Oak

  • European oak mainly comes from Germany and France. It is hard and strong beside being heavy.
  • European oak can be light or dark brown in color. It does not expand or contract significantly during fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This makes it highly beneficial for flooring.
  • European oak is also suitable for finishing. This is another beneficial feature, which makes it the excellent material for flooring.
  • European oaks are good looking trees beside being hard. These features have contributed in making them popular for flooring.
  • The European oak typically has a long length and wide width because of the presence of comparatively thin sapwood.
  • European Oak is straight grained in general. However, cross grained or straight grained oaks are also found according to growth conditions.

Beneficial Features of European Oak Wood Flooring

European Oak

  • European Oak wood flooring scores high on style and modernity. It adds value to the home than other kinds of wood floorings.
  • It is also easy to maintain the flooring in a perfectly clean condition by using just a light vacuum cleaner and mop. Houses with high foot traffic can go for European oak wood flooring because of its immense strength and durability.
  • European oak wood floorings are available in a plethora of colors in every tone such as jet white, brilliant white, white with tones of gray, etc. A large number of color options means that there is something for everyone.
  • They are also available in a multitude of finishes such as UV lacquered finish, natural brushed finish, UV oiled finish, etc. Unfinished options are also available for the customers.
  • European oak wood flooring can be installed in any room of the house such as bedroom, dining room, drawing room, bathroom, and kitchen. As we have seen earlier, that European oak is resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture, the flooring made using it can be used in kitchen and bathroom, as well.
  • European oak wood flooring is not hard in the pocket. Grading of woods is done, as they are lumbered. The premium grade is the prime grade while the lowest grade is the rustic grade. Rustic grade European oaks are beautiful and durable flooring options. Thus, people with the limited budget can go for rustic grade European oak flooring without compromising significantly on quality. Many companies are offering affordable rates per square meter for European oak wood floorings, which is good news for the customers.

European oak wood flooring can be re-sanded and refinished, as it starts to look dull. This makes it look new. Finally, European oak wood flooring can be installed over underfloor heating.

Oak Flooring


Golden Oak- Golden Oak flooring is suitable for both traditional and modern homes because of its natural and neutral nature. It looks perfect with all kinds of furniture, as well as with wallpapered, white, or multicolored walls. 

Smoked Oak- Light and darkly smoked flooring options are available for the customers. These flooring options impart charm and a classic look to the house.

Other options include white washed gray, black brushed, and wire brushed white European oak wood floorings.