Top 10 Hygiene beauty tips for clear, glowing skin

Smooth, glowing skin is something that we all aspire to have. Eating a healthy diet filled with wholesome foods, drinking plenty of water and following a robust skincare regime is essential for clear skin. Unfortunately, even if you’re doing everything right, the pollution and acne-causing bacteria can still cause irritation and blemishes. Luckily, following these simple hygiene tips can help you to combat these negative effects:

1. Clean your makeup brushes regularly

If you use makeup, it’s essential that you know how to clean makeup brushes properly. The bacteria from your skin and your makeup can easily spread on the bristles of your favourite brushes, causing your skin to break out. Moreover, using dirty brushes makes the colours of your makeup appear muddy and prevents you from achieving the desired look. There’s a lot useful advice online on how to clean makeup brushes, so choose something that works best for you.

2. Change your pillow sheets weekly

Our skin comes into contact with our pillows every night, so it’s a no-brainer that we need to try and keep them as clean as possible. Aim to wash your bedding every week on the highest suitable temperature, to make sure you get rid of all the dirt and bacteria. If you have particularly oily or acne-prone skin, you might want to consider changing your pillowcases daily.

3. Wipe your phone regularly

Our phones follow us everywhere: the office, public transport, sometimes even the shower! It’s scary to think about how many germs our devices collect from the constant use. Therefore, get yourself some good antibacterial wipes and make sure you clean your phone as often as possible. Bonus tip: use headphones when making a call to avoid your phone screen coming in contact with your face.

4. Wash your hats often

If you have annoying spots lurking around your forehead, your favourite hat might be the one to blame! In the same way as pillows, your head accessories should be washed as often as possible to avoid a build-up of oils and bacteria in the fabric.

5. Avoid touching your face

It might look like an innocent habit but touching your face during the day often causes the skin to break out. It also makes you more vulnerable to viruses and infections that might linger on your hands. It goes without saying that washing your hands as often as possible during the day is a must. Also, a good quality hand sanitiser will definitely come in handy!

6. Mist your face with a tea tree oil mist

Tea tree oil is a great natural disinfectant. It works wonders on getting rid of acne-causing bacteria without irritating the skin. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle and mist your face and pillows for a quick refresh. Just make sure you’re not allergic to it!

7. Don’t stick your fingers in skincare jars

Despite looking pretty on your bathroom shelf, skincare that comes in pots isn’t that good for you. This type of containers makes it really easy for the air to get into the product, causing it to expire quickly. Most importantly, you introduce a lot of harmful bacteria to the product every time you stick your fingers into the pot. If possible, opt for skincare which comes in a pump.

8. Get your hair off your face

While undeniably chic, having a fringe or constantly wearing your hair down can have a negative effect on your skin. The oils and styling products on your hair can transfer onto your skin, causing blemishes to appear. Try pulling your hair up in a ponytail or a bun as often as possible, especially during a workout.

9. Wash your face morning and night

Unless you’re spending you whole day indoors or wearing no makeup or sunscreen, then washing your face once a day isn’t enough. Especially if you’re using public transport or driving a car, removing all the pollution and dirt is key to having clear, glowing skin. Make sure you remove all your makeup properly and wash your face twice a day with a good cleanser suitable for your skin type.

10. Keep your eyewear clean

If you’re a regular glasses or sunglasses wearer, then you might consider taking an extra step of wiping your glasses with antibacterial wipes as often as possible to prevent breakouts and blocked pores around your nose.

Follow these tips, and you’ll notice a difference in your skin. Having a clear, glowing skin is undoubtedly a huge confidence booster. However, remember that the real beauty comes from within. Love and pamper yourself and it’ll make your skin glow!

Guest writer

Kira Kolosova

Mavens of London

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