Maintain Window Roller Shutters Proficiently for Enhanced Longevity

Unless you are aware of the right ways to maintain your window roller shutters, you might end up replacing your old shutters at a regular interval. Buying a shutter already costs you a lot. So, changing it once in every year is not economically viable. On the other hand, you may not be economically stable all the time to install new window shutters. So, simple maintenance steps can help you a lot and get a cleaned roller shutter every time. You do not have to clean the roller shutters every day. Cleaning once a week or maybe once in a month can work magically for you. Moreover, the steps are rather simple and you do not need an expert cleaner to help you in this regard.

Window Roller Shutters.jpg
Window Roller Shutters

Try to Keep Shutters Clean:

Maximum service calls for the window roller shutters companies because of unclean shutters, which prevent the windows from closing properly. This is mainly due to excessive formation of dust and dirt. In case, your windows are prone to frequent dust and dirt, it is always recommended to wash your shutters at an interval of once in every 4 months. Take a Sunday out and start cleaning the shutters. Within a few hours, you will get clean shutters. All you have to do is move shutters to vented position and spray it with a hose. After that wipe it down with soapy sponge just like you do with your car!

Brush and Clean It:

Sometimes, if you are living in a dust prone area, it is vital to brush your window roller shutters at every 3 months. That will prevent dust from accumulating in shutters and creating a huge mess. Fix a date, most preferably on a holiday and start cleaning the roller shutter. Brush the ventilated holes and then brush away debris from the surface. After that, you need to close shutters down and wash them with mild soap in lukewarm water with a sponge. Later, wash the soapy water off the shutter and wipe it dry with a clean piece of cotton cloth. You can even use an absorbent cloth for the same.

Some Points to Remember:

The market might lure you into buying solvents, abrasive cleaners, and methylated spirits for cleaning your window roller shutters. Avoid using these materials for cleaning roller shutters, as that can damage the surface. Even using steel wool, scrapers, or scrubbing brushes are enough to hamper the enamel surface of your roller shutters. While washing down the dirt and soapy water, a garden hose is more than enough. High-pressurized spray is indeed unnecessary and can bent down some shutters if used with too much of force. Make sure to avoid spraying water directly on headbox or pelmet.

Maintain Its Proper Shape:

Even though window roller shutters are durable enough to last long, but sometimes, you need to do something for maintaining its proper shape. The manufacturers are able to help you by sharing some points. As mentioned multiple times, keep the shutters clean and fresh. Sometimes, you can make this process easy by using a simple vacuum cleaner. Just be sure to level the power to avoid bending the shutter plates.

After you are done with the basic cleaning, make sure to lubricate the parts properly for smooth functioning. You need to lubricate springs, guide rails, pulley bearings, hinges, steel rollers, and lift cables time to time. For best results, you can oil these parts at a regular interval of 6 months, after the thorough cleanup procedure. Just consider asking experts for some help with window roller shutters maintenance, if the mess is too much for you to handle.

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