Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters

Know you who are: live like it matters, is a christian filled book written by a former professional American football quarterback and current professional baseball outfielder in the New York Mets organisation, Tim Tebow. It is a ‘homeschoolers interactive guide to discovering your true identity.’

“Tim Tebow played college football for the University of Florida, winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and appearing on BCS National Championship-winning teams during the 2006 and 2008 seasons. Tebow was selected by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft and spent two seasons with the team. He also played for the New York Jets in 2012. Additionally, he had pre-season stints with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013 and 2015 respectively. In 2016, Tebow announced he would pursue a career in professional baseball and signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets on September 8.”  Source: Wikipedia

know who you are

In Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters, he shares the wisdom he’s learned—not from what the world says, but from what God says in His Word.

There are 36 sessions that Tim shares with you to share his deep-rooted faith with those that need just a little encouragement, and want the need of a purpose-filled life.

Tim’s Guide has 4 Parts with 9 Lessons in Each part

Part 1: Who Are You? (Learning about the source of your identity)
Part 2: Don’t Sweat It; God’s Got It (You’ll uncover guidance when the going in life gets tough)
Part 3: Others Matter (Relationships are important.)
Part 4: Live Bigger (Learning why and how to live in a way that impacts eternity.)

Topics include:

* Building godly character
* Maintaining great relationships
* Standing out from the crowd
* Doing things that matter in the big picture

but we are going to cover only the following which is Part 1 of the book, on asking a simple question.

Before we get started with Part 1, here is a note from Tim:

“You and I have something in common. We may share similar traits I don’t know about, but here’s what I do know: I was homeschooled, just like you! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my parents for making a personal investment in my education. One of the things I loved about being homeschooled was being able to focus on the things I was passionate about and how much time it left for things I loved, like sports and exercise.

Here’s something you may not know: my mom and dad decided to homeschool my two brothers, my two sisters, and me before people even knew what homeschooling meant. At the time, some people thought they were nuts. Some wondered if homeschooling was evenlegal! But despite the challenges they faced, it was worth it. Mom and Dad’s careful and thoughtful instruction helped educate my siblings and me. Each one of us was even blessed to receive a college scholarship!

I know being homeschooled may not be the easiest thing in the world, so I wanted to write a book just for you. I’d like to encourage you in your studies by offering some lessons I’ve learned in my personal journey, lessons I want you to be a part of. I want this book to be about you: digging deep to find out who you are and what that means in real life.

You may or may not know this already, but writing is powerful. In fact, an esteemed professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin studied the impact of journaling. Through a handfulof studies, this expert found that expressive writing in a personal and meaningful way positively impacts health, well-being, and self-development. It can put us in a better mood. It can help us process tough situations. It can challenge us to make good changes. It can pave the way for a more impactful future.

Knowing how journaling can be a great tool for self-reflection, I decided to write Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters. just for homeschool students. You may think you don’t like writing or that it doesn’t come easy for you. That’s okay! As we travel together through the course of this book, writing will become easier. And you may even discover it’s one of your passions!

Here’s what you’ll find in the following pages. Each week for the next thirty-six weeks, I offer a verse from the Bible and a lesson that helps illustrate that verse. Each teaching ends with a section titled “In Your Own Words.” This is your opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learned. You can connect what I talk about with what’s going on in your life. Use my questions as prompts to fuel your thoughts.”

Part1 – Who are you?

This is the question on each and every one of our lips….. “who am I?”

This particular questions opens up discussions on our certainty, self-assurance, self-confidence, inner strength, and equanimity. We can find these traits when we read Tim’s sentences on this specific topic, “the world does not define you” Especially when he says – “You are not defined by what others think of you, or how many people follow or like you on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook“.

He talks about true identity and that when you stop following the crowd, look a certain way, or do things just like everyone else, you can finally live in the unique design with which you were created. His words shine and dazzle and sparkle with:

“You are unique. You have value, And you matter!!!”

I particularly like it when he says – “When you let God rule your heart and your life, you can begin to live at your best!” and we are also called “to live out the dreams he planted in our heart before we were born“.

To begin with these ideals is to know “WHOSE” you are. It gives life purpose – this will help you grasp the tough times and guides, comforts and supports your future.

I particularly love how Tim distinguishes the definition of “identity” as “who someone is, the name of a person, the qualities, beliefs, etc that make up a particular person or group different from others.

Jeremiah 29-11

Tim uses illustrations to back up his points, such as, specifically when going through highs and lows, and when we are grounded in WHOSE we are, we have to trust that Gods got a plan, even when life isn’t going so fantastic, or the way we want it to go. Essentially, the promises that His presence can guide us.

hebrews 13-5-6


Moving on to another topic in the book, I love how he opens up a section with this bible scripture:

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

and, I love this…..

“God created all of use for a reason. He created us to be special. He created us for a purpose.”

A lot of people find this statement hard to believe.

My favourite detail in this section is how he says the Greek word for “Workmanship” is “poems” which we get the English word “poem“. It can also mean “masterpiece“.

I love how he says things like “God wrote a beautiful poem about your life“.

He created YOU as a masterpiece, a breathtaking work of art.

I want to hone in on this more with more descriptions.


God’s design for your life doe not include meaningless or average things

“You were created for MORE” and to make a difference.”


This is only the beginning.

I could write a whole bunch more on what Tim covers in each topic, but I basically wanted you to think and understand that YOU are a masterpiece, just like Tim learnt through his life, and his own ups and downs, through struggles and hardships, and his own trials and tribulations. You could learn a lot from buying this book, and it helps you to understand your True Identity if you just open your mind, heart and soul to (not only God), but the writings, and scriptures available to you. You can buy this book in the link at the top of this blog, or you can do what I did, and sign up to “Blogging for Books” and read it to your hearts content!

I just want to leave you with this. It is truly an inspirational book to read if you are feeling sad or feeling unsuccessful academically, or have no where to go in life. It will help you to pick your life up, and make you feel special even when you don’t feel it!

you are gods masterpiece



I received this book for review from “Blogging for Books”, and please note that apart from the Wikipedia information in the beginning of the review, and Tim’s note to readers, it is all in my own words.

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