How to build your network when you’re feeling alone


Wanting some spiritual direction?

Lately I have become a penchant for solitude, quietude and practicing a lot of mindfulness. There are a lot of books out there on learning how to use your quiet time to reflect on what is more important in life. For example, taking the time out to read a novel or the bible when no one is around, and its just you in the room. I have really been into podcasts lately, and also will post a favourites post in the future of what I take my time to listen to!

“How to pursue your dreams when no-one is around you”

When you feel like you are alone and have no one to share your life-long goals and dreams with and feel like nobody cares, the first thing you actually need to do is to spend time with yourself before you can create a group of friends or network support.

So, how do we go about this?

Let me share with you my tips on when I have my own quiet time and take the time to renew, and rejuvenate my lifestyle.

So, what can we do to not feel so alone when pursuing dreams?

  1. Clear your mind and de-clutter

Declutter your mind, by forgetting about the past, or past mistakes you have made. This is something that really resonates with me, as I felt like a failure at some points when not competing that course, or not taking the time to nurture certain friendships, We need to hold fast onto the spiritual journey that we are creating for ourselves. And remember, this is YOUR journey – no-one else’s, You have to get rid of the ‘junk’ thoughts and re-think and re-establish your life in order to increase your daily productivity. I find that when I have cleaned my room, done all the washing, organised myself, and sat down and opened my laptop, I am in another world. My world. And a mind with creativeness is the best thing to have. Whether I am writing a book, organising lists, taking “me time”, I will always be the girl typing away at her computer, nevertheless.

2. Realise that your dreams matter to you and only you

Some times when you express your life-long dreams to someone, they can give a negative response, and laugh or mock you, but I have learnt over time that even through the difficult processes that you have to jump the hurdles, take a leap of faith, forget what people say, and just do what you want with your life. I have had many dreams in the past, writing a novel, doing a course, and I have found myself currently in that process. I feel a sense of achievement with everything that I am doing, and wouldn’t give up my life for anything. I have realised over time, that even when negative comments or people say something about me, I just learn to move on, and do the best with my life. My dreams are becoming bigger and BIGGER, and my dream is to work and study in London. I have had support and encouragement from most people, and have had someone say I pretty much couldn’t do it. Because of the high-rank of universities – that almost made me feel like a failure again, but I took it with a grain of salt, and realise, my dreams DO matter, whether they are big or small. My dream will always be to write a book, and when I move I have a feeling that I will publish that book – will definitely keep you updated!

cropped-Women-Friends-landscape3. Be Brave

Fear is the number one negative and most distressing emotion in the world, that I have noticed quite a lot of people have it. I am not a counsellor, or life coach, but growing up in a stable, and loving christian home has really helped me with many of life’s situations. Whatever your situation is, whether you are trying to write a novel of your own, BE BRAVE, and go beyond yourself, and your fears, push onwards and upwards, be like the champion in the boxing ring, and take on courage, regardless. Being brave can mean different things to different people, I saw the Disney movie called “Brave”, and it had a completely different angle to what I thought it would be about. The main character learnt to determined to carve her own path in life, and over time discovered the true meaning of bravery before a curse was about to take over her and her mums life. She had the audacity to overcome the situation, and I believe, you and I can have the same quality of braveness in every thing that we do.


4. Declare to yourself to follow your inner guide

I don’t mean to be overly spiritual, but not only think about what you want to do, but look inside yourself and use your gut instinct when you want to live a life of passion and doing something meaningful and purposeful with your life. Things can get challenging along the road, and whether life is difficult or not, don’t forget to look deeply into your heart, and remember that your dreams are of no concern to anyone else! Don’t be a worrier and worry about what someone is going to say about you, We will always have negative, or mean people in this world and we can’t change that! But make a motto or write a pretty sign on your wall, or a print, that says “Follow your dreams” or I had “With hard work you can achieve anything”. This makes me motivated everyday!!!!!!!

5. Remind yourself you are worth it

The biggest project you can work on in your life is YOU!

I can say this time and time again!!!!! And I will say it until you remember and realise it! Being lonely can be apart of the process of life, when there is no one to motivate you or inspire you, you have to remind yourself that, every little bit of effort is WORTH IT!

We all step into new paths of life, and if you are feeling lonely, and feeling like there is no one with you to guide you through life, go through your contacts, or your emails, or pick up your phone and look for someone you haven’t talked to in years. You never know! That person may be MORE than surprised, but delighted to hear from you!!!!! Sometimes living and working towards a life of your dreams can mean to spend time alone and you have to feel comfortable with that. Remind yourself WHY you are on this path called ‘life’, and allow your mindset to change, whatever way you have looked at things before,

I have many family and friends, even when it doesn’t feel like it, I have a good support network, and I always make sure I email companies or businesses when I want to collaborate, Emails are the best thing, and if you have a day when you have nothing to do, or get bored, or feel de-motivated, the best thing you could do for yourself is email a company or friend about doing feature work, or collaborating. I do this quite often to keep myself motivated, and on top of things. Every email you send to a business or person is absolutely WORTH IT! You never know regarding the response, you could end up writing a masterpiece of an article!



6. Rejoice in your successes

I am so grateful for the people I have worked with, and maybe now is a good time to show thanks! From Irresistible Me in New York, to Arbonne, and already while I am writing this, I have some other features coming your way!



The best thing I can tell you is, “email, email, email” – this is the best technology in the world!!!!! and the best invention ever made! If you don’t have the time to call a company or friend, make sure you check your emails every morning, and night, that’s what I do! This way you can surround yourself with people who may possibly be on the same path as you! It is best to surround yourself with girls that have similar passions to you, for example, I follow many UK based Beauty blogs, but when something or a blog REALLY grabs me I take my time to email them and thank them for all their hard work! There is a lot you can do to create a network and excellent support base. You just need the right push! and I hope my tips have motivated you, and helped or assisted you in ANY way! That is my dream, to help women be empowered in their small business, or blog life! I hope that this post really helped you. So, get out in the world, and forget everything else and…




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