Why Install Evaporative Coolers in Your Home During Home Improvement

Evaporative coolers are a popular choice in residential region of low humid areas owing to their property of cooling the outside air and passing it over water-saturated pads into the house. They thus pass cool air into a house through the evaporation of water over the pads and contrary to the conventional air conditioning system, also recirculating the stale warm air from inside by pushing it out from the windows. The technician would install the ducted unit on the roof wherein the cool air would be passed through a series of outlets placed in different rooms. Since this cooling system uses the natural cooling properties of water for lowering the temperature of a house, it is a cost-effective alternative with various other benefits as well.

Evaporative Coolers Living Room

Advantages of Installing an Evaporative Cooler

There are numerous ways in which an evaporative cooler can be a better choice for you than any other air conditioning systems. The benefits offered by this cooler include the following:

  1. Low Humidity: Evaporative coolers are great for dry regions as they help in adding moisture to the air through its simple cooling process. Dry air can lead to problems such as drying out of furniture as well as worsening of health problems such as allergies and asthma, so such a unit helps in adding the required moisture into the air and overcome the problems.
  1. Energy Efficiency: Since evaporative coolers consume only the regular household current and do not require much electrical energy, they help in saving money spent on electricity during the hot and dry seasons. They are thus, a very cost effective variant for cooling an entire house or commercial space.
  1. Environment-Friendly: Since this cooling system does not use refrigerants for the cooling process, it does not emit any greenhouse gases and is thus environment-friendly. Furthermore, they also do not produce noise pollution. They operate quieter than other air conditioners, thereby proving beneficial for households as well as commercial spaces.
  1. Low Maintenance: Since the evaporative coolers use fairly simple technology, they require low maintenance when compared to the complex systems of traditional air conditioners. Additionally, they can be fixed to a window and do not require any extra ventilation, thereby reducing the operating costs.
  1. Air Filtration: These coolers are very effective in filtering the outside air by blocking the pollen and dust through the cooling pads. They also help in cleaning the air inside the house by blowing the smoke or cooking smells away.

Evaporative Coolers

How to Maintain Evaporative Coolers

While such coolers require very low maintenance, one should regularly try to keep it clean for higher efficiency through the following methods:

  • Clean the debris and dirt collected over the duct work as well as on the air filter of the system through which the air passes into the house.
  • Make sure the system performs well when it comes to conditioning the moisture properly, as the improper provision of moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew in the house.
  • You can improve the operation by getting a thermostat for such coolers which turn off the cooler automatically when the area is cooled at a desired temperature.

These features of evaporative coolers make them a preferred choice in households of dry and hot areas. Thus, if you are renovating your house and are looking for an efficient cooling system that requires minimum maintenance and performs at lower operating costs, then an evaporator cooler is the choice for you. Make sure you contact the reputed evaporative cooling service provider for getting one for your home as a cooler of low quality would lead to unnecessary maintenance costs.

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