Princess Charlotte stealing the spotlight and lighting up the internet



As you may have read in my recent post, the royal trip to Europe (Poland and Germany) and you have probably seen all over the world the special engagements that Prince William and Kate Middleton attended in Poland and Germany, where their youngest child landed in Berlin early Wednesday for the first day of the Royal Visit to Germany, along with her parents and oldest brother, Prince George.

Adorable two year old, Princess Charlotte shook hands with a British defence attaché Brigadier Rob Rider (being her first ever diplomatic handshake)  and accepted a miniature flower bouquet.

I particularly wanted to do a post on Charlotte herself, because she has lighted up the internet with her cute looks and vintage blue dress, especially with her little curtesy which sent adored fans in a whirl while saying goodbye to the people of Warsaw.

The Duchess of Cambridge reminded her to say “thankyou” as they were about to board the plane, and that was when she gave her little curtesy. She has been trained well obviously and This shows she will be fabulous at future royal engagements!

Apparently it was when the Duchess of Cambridge and everyone else looked away for a moment that that was when she did her curtesy.

She accepted the little bouquet of flowers, and shook one man’s hand as well, showing off exemplary manners of what a royal should definitely do.


Here she arrives at the Berlin military airport, thanks to Chris Jackson Getty images for allowing us to see these photos of the official engagement.

Even though her mother and others did not catch her curtesy in action, the World Wide Web was watching with wide eyes.

This is her first official public curtesy on royal duties.

Here is a youtube video of the family arriving.


and here is a longer video footage of them saying their goodbyes along with her little curtsey.


I love how Princess Charlotte is pulling her mother along so as to eagerly get onto the plane, she must be just as excited as George when it comes to aeroplanes.

This is her second tour, as her first tour was in Canada in September 2016. I think I posted a picture of my magazine, not too sure on that, I can hardly keep up with these engagements! But I just wanted to do a piece on Charlotte because she is just not just so adorable, but she is definitely turning into a little princess!



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