My top favourite articles on blog post ideas

Tips for planning blog posts

I don’t just want to write a list, and be over and done with it. I want to motivate you. I want to inspire you, and help you dig deeper and deeper into getting your blog on its way. That’s if you are deciding whether to start one, or you have just started and don’t know what to do next!

There are countless and numerous numbers of posts on the web all about ideas for coming up with the “hottest” and most “viral” posts. I don’t understand why I haven’t added Lydia Elise Millen in my favourite bloggers post, I can not get enough of her accent, I am OBSESSED with her Vlogs, and I will add a video at the bottom so you can understand WHY I am addicted to her stuff. And when I move to the UK it would be a dream to meet her! She honestly does amazing articles, for example, on “How to nail your time efficiently at the airport“. Her website is like, WOWZA. When it comes to high end fashion, she is the best critic, especially when in “London”, and you want to shop there, she honestly has the best VLOGs AND posts, like “Where to spend designer shoes“, and is so devoted to what she does, that is why she is not just so popular, and has gained such a following in the UK but she has personality, and can speak concisely and eloquently and keeps relationship with her followers.

Check it out here!!!


Or my next favourite blogger is, Rosie (The Londoner). I have become major fans of those two beautiful humans. They’re very popular. You may recognise Rosie on the Tresemme television ads. 🙂 See below.


So, now for that list!

  1. 101 Blog post ideas that make your blog hot – STARTBLOGGINGONLINE.COM. This is the first thing that pops up in Google so HAVE to have this as number 1. You can also sign up for a FREE email blogging course when you click on this link.
  2. 19 Blog Post Ideas to Spark Your Creativity and Inspire Your Writing – This article helps you to aim higher in your creative or professional writing. One of my favourites is Number 10: Create an epic guide, which is what I want to eventually do. I haven’t done a “Guide” on anything, and I have had ideas but would love to put it into action. It even says to reduce your blog schedule for a few weeks so that you have time to write a most detailed piece ever. My dream piece – coming up!
  3. The Ultimate List of Blog Post ideas – They give ideas such as creating a blog post that pulls together the most popular blog posts you have published over a period of time. I love the blog posts that help increase engagement, and the best idea is to announce a contest on your blog – this gives and increases engagement in itself!
  4. 101 Fabulous Blog Topic Ideas – I particularly loved what they say “anything that a blogger thinks, feels, does, reads, observes, plans, learns and participates in has the potential to be turned into a post”, and this statement is so true. What I do, and the things I love and am passionate about reflects, and turns into something more than just a few sentences, you can create an essay or review, if you really put your mind into it. Learning has been my current thing, and it continues to very day, week, month, or year! Just as I am writing this, and looking through this page/link, what I am doing is one of the ideas, “the best blog posts you recently read the past week or month – with links”, well, well! I am on the right road. This Molly Greene website also has a great post called “How to Set up a FREE WordPress blog” which may help and assist you better than I could. Here is more information: Beginners Tutorial , Launch Your Blog , Customize Your Blog, Publish Your First Post




So I hope you find these articles helpful with what ever you aspire to write about. Keep looking for inspiration, and another idea is to start listening to podcasts which can fuel up your motivation for everything that you need to do. I have joined up to a few to help with my mind, and spiritual awareness, such as listening to Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Lisa Bevere, Christine Cain is good too!,  women who empower you, and make you a woman of strength, confidence, and full of self – esteem. I would love to do a post on self-esteem, confidence, etc – that would give me something NEW to write about! I am so excited!

Previous posts I realise have written titles of books to read, but now that I am living in Perth I believe I can expand on soooo much more!!! (in my writing). Still London dreaming, but I like the fact of the idea of basing myself here, and finding my self-discovery in other places, and then travelling everywhere in the world – I can dream, right?

I have another idea of a blog post – Wow! inspiration is hitting whilst I am writing ABOUT blog post ideas, but there is so much more I can do now that I live closer to Perth city. I have a lot more coming, and have been reading a lot lately. My personality is very introvert, and can be quite quiet in some areas, but am an extrovert when it comes to passion and talking. My dream is to get to England, and learn, and do a lot more with my life – life is an exciting thing once you get yourself going and fully motivated and doing a large number of things, and I feel I won’t be doing those ‘large number of things’ till I get to London! haha! Most of my favourite books are based in England, so it is fitting.

Do you remember those classic Enid Blyton’s books, the Magic Faraway tree, so magical and imaginative – I loved hearing the audio books as a child, and still appreciate these kind of stories at the age of 30. They were my favourite, and will definitely be passing those type of writings on with my future children.

I want to leave you with this last image, every girl loves it, and I do believe you can kickstart your blog, or write something new and fulfilling. I believe you CAN DO IT.

she believed



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