5 ways to live the life of your dreams!

Here I want to share with you 5 things that I believe will change your life when it comes to pursuing your dreams and living the life you imagine. I almost forgot about my piece called, Dare to dream, and half the stuff I don’t even think I have done, but putting plans and goals in place, (which is what I will flesh out on a bit more later on) is a milestone, and achievement. Gee, I think I say that word ALOT! Whatever it is you have been dreaming, it is time to look at what you can do to start LIVING IT!

  1. Create a VISION board – VISUALIZE your dreams


I have said this again and again, but when it comes to dreaming, I love to collate information and pictures and ideas together to create the vision of what I want!


Do up something at least, even if its not on a board, maybe write a list of your dreams, and keep adding more to it everyday. I have created my own visual/vision wall with pictures of London, because that is my main goal, and dream for 2017 or 2018.

Use Pinterest

or check out 9 ways to make a vision board that actually works with lots of help for personal growth, and purpose, and inspiration, and how to make your vision a reality.

Write down what it is in life that you REALLY REALLY want, and things you can do to aim getting there.  Get out a blank art book, and cut out things from magazines, and use glue to create something a little like this! I particularly like this example. Create a comfortable open space for you to work in, and just cut out all the words/pictures/phrases that show or exemplify your character, or who you are personally. Things that you LOVE! A vision board helps and assists with getting your dreams STARTED!


2. Set weekly, monthly or any short-term, long-term goals / Keep a goal journal

You can write the goals on your vision board if you want, but aside from a visual aspect, it is nice to get specific goals down onto a notebook or journal.

Look at your vision board, and write down goals that would help you to GET there! For example, if you have somewhere in particular to travel, write down the cost of the flight, accommodation, or ways to save up for it.

Print out something like this!


To be successful you need to write everything down. It may be to do with weight loss/management, or how many books you want to read in a year! Write it down without the feeling of struggling through your dreams and aspirations, that when you refer to your vision board it reminds you every day of WHY you LIVE!


Buy a 2017 planner – Make a list of your stuff!!!!!

I bought this for $20 at a department store. I can’t remember if it was Target, Kmart or Big W….. It was either one of those! So you can find a planner at any of those big retail stores. If you want 2017 to be YOUR year, I suggest a planner is what you need, BIG time!!!!!

I have listed my books in the planner and ticking them off as I go and when I finish them, I consider a review for my blog, or if I have written notes from it, any sort of blog post idea that comes to mind!

Here is an example of how I set out my day:

I love to set out what I do daily because I’m a massive organisational freak. I like to have things in order the day before so I can tackle things head on. I have become a “bullet point” lady and I youtube videos that talk about planning goals and writing down bullet points of tasks you need to do for the week.

Before I move into the next point, I will share with you my list of future goals.

Whatever goals you have, like I said, write it down. Having something in a notebook leaves everything set in place, and I love that I can personally write down goals in a notebook, and then keep it for future or present reference. These may seem like dreams too, and they are long-term goals where I have to save up money for, but I just wanted to show what I am currently working on, and that goals become projects. I love to be a woman that persists and continues doing projects to keep myself busy, during the day, week or month. And I love to keep holding onto dreams and goals that set me on a bright future.

3. Keep track of your accomplishments

reverse-bucket-listThe best thing I ever did was do a Reverse Bucket List. In 2016 I wrote down all the things that I did that year, and then at the end of this year I will add to it a couple of more things, and tick off what I have done.

I got the idea from ‘The Lady Wallace‘ – Kylie, which was such a great idea and left me feeling with a sense of accomplishment of what I have ALREADY done in life!!!


Here is my Reverse Bucket List for the year 2016:

I am not sure what I will be adding onto it for this year, as I won’t be able to go to “London” till 2018, so I guess completing the Library and Information Services course could be one to add to the list, and I will have to think of more!

You feel proud after what you have done, when looking at a list of things you have experienced or achieved throughout the year. So, get out your pen and notebook and write down your own “Reverse Bucket List”, you will be glad you did!!!! If you are stuck on what to write, think about things you did in previous years and jot them down. Read Kylie Wallaces post on how to write a reverse bucket list, and what you need to do to keep it going.

4.  Get inspired

I particularly loved writing my blog piece on How to find inspiration, so you may get some tips and advice here. But keep that sense of joy and excitement of where you want to be in a years time, or the next! Find inspiration from travel, daily rituals, things people say to you, or even work!


5. Believe in yourself

This may sound typical, and everyone says it, but it is truly one of the most amazing things you could do for yourself. If you have a blog, and you haven’t written anything for months, believe that you CAN do a piece on ANYTHING!!!! I know that we ALL say this, if you believe in yourself anything can happen, but I believe it is truly correct! I believed that I could start a blog, so I did! You have to believe in yourself FIRST to believe in doing anything else with your life, or dreaming dreams about where you want to be in the next 5 years of your life.


So, keep all these things in mind, and set higher and higher goals the more you obtain and achieve in life, and I believe you CAN DO IT.

Speaking of dreams, I never thought I would have my work published by a London magazine…… whoops! Is that a secret? Can’t wait to share with you what’s coming up next SOON.


5 thoughts on “5 ways to live the life of your dreams!

    1. I am very happy that you found it that way Lauren! That keeps me happy! Thanks so much for taking the time to read it! I was worried about not being wordy but visuals are just as important! Most people LOVE pictures! Hope you are well xox

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    1. I was JUST in the middle of writing to you then I see a pop up! Haha! I am absolutely overly impressed by your latest post! I feel in my heart to do something similar now….. I have ideas, and have already talked about bullying, so might use a personal story similar to what I wrote my comment on. It might sound like a strange experience, but I feel I may have something to share. Thanks for popping by! And I can’t wait for more of your posts. You are amazing! Thinking of you ❤️


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