New Year’s resolutions to embrace life to the fullest


And now, as we are about to welcome the new year, suddenly we realize – this is our fresh start, a new chance, a life full of things that have never been. There are new questions to be asked, new challenges to be embraced and new things and people to be loved (or the old ones, cherished even more). With the new year ahead we’re embarking on a journey with so many answers to be discovered and lived in this new transformative year, full of delight and self-discovery. This is the perfect time to dream and plan, as only dreams give birth to change. New year is the time to be brave.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have finally decided it’s time they introduced a change in their lives with this upcoming year, we’re giving you a few tips to stir you into thinking straight – for yourself:


Pamper yourself

With the crazy fast lives we lead, it sometimes feels impossible to care for yourself in terms of virtually anything and everything – cosmetics, beauty, gym, social life, love life, travel… The thing you can definitely do for sure and make your days amazing is treat yourself to a little pampering!

Go to a massage at least once a month, be regular at the hairdresser (one appointment per week should do it), book regular mani-pedis and cosmetic appointments. When you start indulging in these seemingly little things, your exterior will start looking better than ever and, consequently, you’ll start feeling amazing! This shows, you know?


Travel, travel, travel



Yes, grab that passport already and travel to your heart’s desire! If there’s no one who’d go with you, who cares – it’s your life and your passion, so you may as well enjoy it yourself. Go visit the Gothic quarter in Barcelona and then take a stroll down La Boqueria market, or book a flight to Italy and see the spectacular Colosseum in Rome! Always wanted to see London? Then go! Let yourself be amazed by the wonderfulness of the Royal Family (you may even see the Queen, you never know) and the horrible but somehow still very charming weather of this magnificent city. Ahh… there are so many options, and traveling sure is one of the things that will mend your soul.



Shed what worries you

You’re not the only one who’s been obsessing with their weight, darling – we’ve all hopped on that train a long time ago and we’re all struggling. However, this don’t really need to be as hard as everyone is making them be! Just remember: you are doing this for yourself, no one else. Drop everyone else’s expectations and remind yourself you are the love of your life – so start treating yourself like that! Hire a personal trainer in Adelaide to help you get your figure banging! Living in Sydney? Hey, they’ve got some amazing high-class trainers, too! Are you somewhere in Europe? Again, not a problem! And if you’re not a fan of trainers and gyms, you’ve got plenty of the amazing outdoors to start your workout at.

Everything can be arranged well with just a little effort on your end – and, most importantly – a desire to make progress.


Start a mood diary


Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it? It does, yes. But then again – who cares! If you’ve been feeling down or have felt like you’ve got no one to talk to or that there’s just been so much going on and you’re struggling with ways to process it, starting a mood diary is an amazing thing! Make it your 2017 stress-relief method; whenever you are feeling a certain way, write it down. In case you didn’t know, psychologists and life coaches advise writing your thoughts and feelings down because, the moment you do, you are releasing them and they no long hold power over you. It’s a brilliant thing to try and even if it fails you, you can always stop writing it, right?


Spice your social calendar up

You are young, gorgeous and amazing, with so many people loving you – so why are you letting yourself feel lonely? Make it a 2017 resolution to keep your social calendar beaming and you’ll see how amazing it’ll feel to be a part of a bigger picture. And, you never know – getting out there may mean meeting someone very very veeery cute on the go! Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself, and good things will happen.


With all the love in this word, we wish you a wonderful 2017, filled with resolutions turned to actions, with loves that will span beyond 2017 and so many beautiful memories that you’ll feel happy every single day of the upcoming year and beyond.

Love Zara and Emmalisa

😘 😘

3 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions to embrace life to the fullest

  1. All of these are actually something I’m trying to do more of in 2017! My friend gifted me some facemasks for Christmas so I’m using them on days where I feel kind of “bleh.” We’re going on little roadtrips to visit other tiny towns and see historical places. It’s loads of fun! I got out of journaling for a while too but now I’m trying to start that up again at least once a week. I have quite the collection of journals/notebooks to fill up.

    Good read. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love going on road trips, one place I thought was quite fascinating was York. Lots of history there…. I did a post, A day in York! You might like it!!! Journaling can be so liberating and release all your creativity and intellect…. thanks so much for commenting! ❤


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