How to emphasise your gorgeous lips

The pout is everything, especially when paired with a gorgeous set of pearly whites and an attitude that will sass out any competition in the way. Everything you are is read through your body language and facial expressions, which is why almost every single detail you’ve got going on means one thing or the other. No, nobody’s saying be fake to make it! Rather, we are suggesting be who you are and let the world see the beauty you are hiding by carefully manipulating your given gorgeousness.
For all you queens out there who are looking to show the world what you are made of, here are some tips on how to “use” your already beautiful lips and turn them into your shield and armor!

Here we go.

Keep your skin clean

It goes without saying – unless your face is nurtured as well as pimple and blemish free, your lips won’t get the chance to shine. That is, no matter how gorgeous, the lips will automatically fall second place when compared to the skin that’s reddish, irritated, flakey, overtanned or burned.

Be sure to keep your skin clean by treating it with the cosmetics that agrees with your skin type. We, of course, suggest going with natural products or turning to a dermatologist for help if you’ve got some skin conditions. Paying regular visits to a beauty salon and having facials done by professionals is also a great way to give your skin elasticity and glow. Really, do you think celebs don’t do their facials in trusted LA salons regularly? Of course they do, hence – the confidence AND glow!

Exfoliate the lips

There’s probably no uglier sight than flakey lips, regardless of how full they are. Flakes give an impression of poor hygiene and, on top of it, they look super unattractive.

To prevent flakes from becoming your lip-nightmare, exfoliate regularly. All you need is a brush you’ll use for lips only (i.e. keep it separate from your toothbrush) and remove the flakes with light, easy strokes, rubbing the lips all over. The rubbing will, additionally, enhance circulation, which will not only remove the flakes but make the lips look fuller, healthier and plump.

When exfoliating, use a PH neutral soap or warm water only.

Nurture your smile

If your teeth are yellow, quirky or ill-shaped, the pout will only look… weird. If you look cute with your mouth closed, that’s sweet – but every once in a while, you’ll have to talk and smile, and we’ve somehow got the feeling that covering your mouth each time you do that won’t look attractive at all!

A cosmetic dentist from Sydney claims that, according to recently done research, people who have healthy teeth smile more and are generally happier in life. This is something that would be recognized by others as they will spot your magical smile and gorgeous lips.

Use quality lip kits

Cheap and underrated lip brands tend to give lips a weird look, dry them out and result in the color fading easily and quickly. This is why you shouldn’t mind your pennies when buying lip kits, especially if your pout is your end game.

Obviously, don’t spend a fortune, but rather do a little browse and consult with makeup assistants at cosmetic shops – they’ll be able to give the best advice possible. Even better, before breaking the bank, rely on brands that have worked for you so far or exchange experiences with your friends – try a little of everything and see what fits best.

Add some jewellery


If you are one from the edgy crowd, adding some lip and/or teeth jewelry may work perfectly. A Monroe piercing, a lip ring, a tongue ring, decorative tooth diamonds, a grill, etc. – anything that agrees with your lifestyle may work! Naturally, this isn’t a requirement for the lips to look great… it’s just an added bonus.

Enjoy your pout, dolls, and make it fabulous!

      Zara Lewis

Regular contributing writer of

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