My “Grown Up” Christmas List

Generally, every girl has a ‘wish list’ when it comes to Christmas. My current one is expanding, and I have been online more than I ever have been in my life!!! Even if it’s not on budget, I still am tempted to just browse, and add to a “WISH” list in my MS Word, so that I can refer to it when I am at home.

According to “The Age”, Australia is to spend 8.8 billion on Christmas presents this year!! With more than half of it spending on credit/store cards. I couldn’t believe the statistics! Now, that is why I got rid of my credit card. Been there, done that! I had one when I was in Melbourne and it was so easy to spend on things whenever you want, however you want. This year I decided not to go down that road, and try and save as much as I can to do the things I love and want in 2017, so I can pursue and follow my dreams.

So, here is my ‘grown up christmas list’ that will probably be on my list for the next year too!

Forte Texture Mini Clutch Bag – $345

This classic modern Oroton bag can virtually been worn ‘up’ or ‘down’. I like the fact that it has such a classic look that you can wear it just about anywhere. It is pretty, with a very soft colour, and the gold chain tops it off!



Malletage Chain Necklace

A brass Louis Vuitton necklace with gold, and palladium finishing, this is classic also. I especially love the engraved monograms with the ‘Louis Vuitton’ signature. This part is silver, but it takes the look away from the gold. I am a massive fan of gold, and I wear gold everything, but this just is oh, so pretty!


Alexander McQueen Knitted Flared Dress

This is a white knitted mini dress with a round neck, and it flares out to make a statement. I like that it is an A line shaped volume skirt, and I mostly love the intricate details at the bottom, which is a ‘jacquard’ embossed effect on the hem and also has a zig-zag look to complete.



Logan Lace Midi Dress by Chi Chi London

This is absolutely GORGEOUS as I love the lace and the intricate detail of the look with tulle mesh and an embroidered lace. This screams elegance and sophistication in one!!!! It is a pencil styled dress, and is in Cornflower Blue, and features intricate rich and embellished embroidered lace which is set on the tulle mesh.

The sheer low cut neckline, a twist – liked edging, and this cornflower shade, make the perfect outfit for the warmer months. My favourite bit about it is the small capped sleeves which leave a feminine look.



Metallic Texture leather PRADA pumps

These have actually been handmade in Italy from textured leather, and that makes them exceptional. I particularly like how the sole is metallic also, so metallic all the way!

I love how it is a classic pointed shape, and they would look great at any event, especially at a night out in the city, or dining out in an expensive restaurant. I think that these would particularly go with the Cornflower Blue Dress above to create a summer look.


I am particularly fussy when it comes to shopping online for shoes – as I prefer to try shoes on in the store, and to see how they fit, whether they’re comfortable or not, as finding size 5 in ladies is so hard. There are another pair of shoes that I am wanting which are the Dolce and Gabbana Embellished Corded Lace Pumps from net-a-porter – these are made in Italy too, and are the most prettiest pair I have ever seen because they have gold Swarovski crystals, and are crafted from corded lace.


Along with this outfit I have put together for the festive season of Christmas, I wouldn’t want to miss pairing it with a pair of Lady Lady Christian Dior Sunglasses in Ivory. The summer would not be summer without them. I love how they are framed in black, and the rest of the temple (I had to google what the side of the sunglasses were called! There is a whole diagram of “Eyeglass anatomy” on the internet! haha!) is in the colour of ivory, which is my favourite colour. To match with the ivory shoes above!


It is the picture of elegance!

So, what is your favourite item out of all the ones I have selected?

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Have you created your own “Wish List”?


Exquisite Emmalisa




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