An ‘English’ style… 

This is my new ‘love’ – my first ever edition of “The English Home” which is, Issue 140, and it has 28 pages of bedroom inspiration. I gravitated to the cover of this magazine, as creating a style for any room is what I like doing. It has sooooo many ideas of interiors, a few world-class designers – such as the stunning collection of Hodsoll McKenzie of London, by Zimmer + Rohde, and wallpapers, patterns and all things decorative.

Interestingly, I have obtained an eye for country interiors, (I know, I know, I keep saying I am a city girl), but I do like fabrics that are soft, and pretty – like the “Shabby Chic” style and look. I remember when I was in Melbourne, I went to the library for some ‘home’ inspiration and ideas and I came across a book about Rachel Ashwell  – who wrote the following books.

“Shabby Chic” – which shows you how to shop properly at flea markets, picking up the best buys, and finding ornaments and decorations to match with your room.

“The World of Shabby Chic : Beautiful Homes, My Story and Vision”

This is a pretty, splendid and dazzling design “bible”. It gives the ideas of a shabby chic insight into what products you should buy to complete your look – from antique furniture, paintings, and linen, and all vintage type furniture! It also teaches about utilising your space, and figuring out what you can fit in your lounge room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, etc. Just the idea of adding a romantic feel to the house, leaves it with a cottage – feel. Rachel gives practical tips to create the “Shabby Chic” style home.

“The Shabby Chic Home”

Rachel gives ideas and teaches her readers how to make an inviting, and cost-effective ‘shabby chic experience’, and gives easy instructions on how to create that beautiful and comfortable atmosphere in the home. I haven’t read much lately but from what I have read, Rachel has the perfect ideas, and tips to construct and build on ideas, and themes.

“Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Inspirations & Beautiful Spaces”

This would be more inspirational than the others, as Rachel generates a soulful, charming, transformation of a home – she makes designs feel more like a manor in the countryside of England, which is what we all want, right, girls?

“Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Interiors : My Rooms, Treasures and Trinkets”

This is all about Rachel’s “signature style”! I have posted the photo of this one because I think it is an absolutely dazzling and stunning cover that there ever is!


If you google shabby chic, Rachel’s website comes up as the first link – probably because “shabby chic” is what she created! I always thought it was the name for the theme of the room, but I believe she came up with the name herself!

It would be a fantastic idea to come up with a “shabby chic” board for your Pinterest, so you can put all your ideas of furniture into one, and maybe create different boards for each category such as “fabrics”, “vintage accessories”, or “paintings”. Whatever works for you!!! I love my Pinterest because I have many ‘loves’, and I love to put what I love into the correct category. I have become more avid of Pinterest as of late, as it is just oh, so, girly! You come across many ladies in the UK, Australia, and the US that post their favourite destinations, or favourite teacup and saucer – I have to admit, I post way too much of my ‘Royal Albert’ collections.

Click HERE to follow Shabby Chic on Pinterest.

If you are really into vintage then I suggest you click on the link of Rachel’s blog, which is on the website above. If you missed it, the click here. You will surely NOT be disappointed!!! I love all the pretty pink photos, and the ivory linen that she has for the bedroom. It is utterly divine! and I absolutely love the hydrangeas that she collects along the way.

You can also buy gifts, (holiday gifts, decor, stationery, bags and totes, apparel, and gift cards, which would be lovely for the upcoming Christmas.)

If you are more interested in French country styled furniture, (I am not sure if french and shabby chic are exactly the same, but it is still vintage) – cream or white bedroom furniture can be found on this incredible website, Melody Maison. It has sooo many pretty things, and if you want a really girly look, the best furniture is found on here!!! I particularly LOVE this “Love the life you live” grey wooden wall art decor plaque which is 6.95 pounds, ONLY $11.66 AUS. This piece of homeware would make a lovely christmas gift for a friend.

This is the prettiest Elise Grey Range – 3 Drawer Bedside Table. It has a beautifully carved body and elegant legs, and crystalline knobs. It has that ‘antique’ look to it, and would look pretty in the bedroom. It is 139.95 pounds, which is $235 AUS.


So, for a charming country “shabby chic” atmosphere, these items would look exquisite and delightful in your room.

Now doesn’t THIS look exquisite… ??? In this “English Home” magazine, they say:

“To design a room scheme that is elegant, harmonious and yet strong enough to make a statement requires a thoughtful consideration of scale and proportion”

and they are absolutely right! To create the right theme, feel, and atmosphere it takes a LOT of thought about the size of things, and, especially, – the relationship between the things. They hone in on a room that has too much clutter, may not have the ‘calm’ feel of a room that is neat, minimalistic, and orderly. I am trying to establish this myself, because I tend to get carried away with my life, by having books, dvds, magazines, and so many things scattered all over the room. And I do have someone reminding me everyday to get out of that habit. I just like my ‘stuff’, but once vacuumed, cleaned, books on the shelf, and fresh flowers (Peonies, please?) on the desk, it leaves a serene ambience.

Now, for another blog for you to follow there is “Love Chic Living”. It is written by a lady named Jen, who is an interior writer and blogger showcasing design and style for the typical “english” home! She won the AMARA Interior Blog Award, and she also does a FREE Pinterest Course.

You may like – How to keep your flowers looking great


There is also “Houseology“, and they did a whole piece on ” Blogs we love“. The best interior design and lifestyle blogs that you can ever come across!!!

Jen gets interviewed in this one, and explains the reason behind the interior blog, Love Chic Living. I think it is an amazing interview with great answers!

You can read it HERE.

If you would like a book on “English Houses” this is the book for you. It is a timeless and beautifully written book where blogger, Ben Pentreath, talks all about classic english style.  I like the fact that it divides sections into “London”, “Country”, and “Country House” – it is not available till next month though, but I think this would be an investment when decorating your home. It would look great on the coffee table!!!

And then, the next one is English Decoration, also written by Ben Pentreath. It has photographs of english homes of all different rooms. I think this would be an investment as well – probably not as good as “English Houses”, but it hones in more on adding that extra cushion or choosing the right lamp for the side table in the lounge.

Both books are 30 pounds – so, $50 australian dollars


So, what can you do to create a haven of tranquility?

I would personally like to add a touch of Victorian with a piece of antique furniture.

An Early 20th century French round mahogany side table with gilt bronze mounts stamped Jansen.


I thoroughly LOVE antiques, and antique shopping is one of my hobbies, and love! They hold so much history, and they look excellent in the home, and aesthetically pleasing.


So, I just decided to google “antiques” on the web, and my eyes popped when I saw this!

It’s not really on topic, but check out this Life size Antique Gilded Brass Bronze Madonna Santos Diadem Crown – well it has the word antique on it, so I guess it is still on topic!!!!!!

It’s $1,500, and the crown comes from a convent collection in the Champagne Region in France, and was ‘fashioned for the utmost in regal and heavenly beauty’.

I just thought I HAD to share, as it is so classic and princessy – don’t we all want one? hehe

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I love to ‘binge-watch’ Antiques Roadshow. In my previous post I mentioned a family home, Tatton Park – it was actually featured on one of the episodes, and I absolutely LOVE the stunning presenter, Fiona Bruce. If I had to meet someone in England (apart from royalty), she would be on my list! She is so eloquent, and a superb presenter, with a refined character. I find that she is very cultivated, and cultured from presenting in the show, and has an eye for collectors items, and antiquities. She just knows when a period piece is “better, best or basic”.

I have to admit – I am addicted to Antiques Roadshow and Bargain Hunt – they usually come on at the same time during the day, and I like to sit there and indulge in the ancient works of times past. If I could choose a particular business, it would be an antique shop with a bookstore, and a cafe – that would be the ideal business for me!

I love exploring and googling on the web for masterpieces that hold so much history – I am more of a ‘mahogany’ type, as I like a combination of brown and red colours. It leaves an old feel, and I like things from 1700’s to 1800’s.


I am most particularly getting more and more interested in my family history. I have been researching in a website I have created on My Heritage – I find it easier than Ancestry.

So, my granny wrote a book called “The Way to St. Werburgh’s“, and it is mainly about a short history of the life and times of George Edward Egerton-Warburton. He married Augusta Emma who was a Spencer, (her father was Sir Richard Spencer who settled at Strawberry Hill Farm). His father was Rowland Egerton – Warburton (previously mentioned in “A List of Travel Dreams“) and George left England for Australia, and settled in Mount Barker, Western Australia where he founded the church, “St. Werburgh’s”. Apparently there are 26 Werburgh’s churches all over the world. I may have mentioned this previously but I wanted to get the basics first. In my family timeline, smart matches come up, and it goes back 11 generations in England, where I have discovered that I am related to the 12th Earl of Derby, Edward Smith-Stanley, and his wife was Elizabeth Gunning.

She was the 1st Baroness Hamilton of Hameldon, and the Duchess of Argyll (second marriage) and Duchess of Hamilton (first marriage) – an Irish belle and society hostess, she was also known as the Lady of the Bedchamber from 1761 to 1784 for Queen Charlotte.

According to Wikipedia, “The Lady of the Bedchamber is the title of a lady-in-waiting holding the official position of personal attendant on a British queen or princess.”It comes after the First Lady of the bedchamber, and before Women of the Bedchamber.

I posted a photo of Elizabeth Gunning on my Instagram page.


In her marriage with the Duke of Argyll in 1770, and when Elizabeth became known as the Duchess of Argyll, she had a daughter called “Lady Charlotte Campbell Bury“.

I have gained an interest in Charlotte as she was an English novelist, and so I decided to create a Facebook page for her.

Here is a list of her works:
1. Poems on several Occasions, by a Lady 1797
2. Self-indulgence : a tale of the nineteenth century. 1812. 2 volumes.
3. Conduct is fate. 1822. 3 volumes.
4. Alla Giornata, or To the Day anonymous, 1826. 3 volumes.
5. Flirtation anonymous, 1828, which went to three editions. 3 volumes.
6.  Marriage in High Life [By the Hon. Caroline Lucy Lady Scott.]edited by the author of Flirtation, 1828. 2 volumes.

7. The Exclusives. 1830. 3 volumes.

8. Separation by the author of Flirtation, 1830. 3 volumes.
9. Journal of the Heart edited by the author of Flirtation, 1830

10. The three great sanctuaries of Tuscany, Valombrosa, Camaldoli, Laverna: : a poem, with historical and legendary notices, by the Right Honourable Lady Charlotte Bury. 1833

11. The Disinherited and the Ensnared anonymous, 1834
12. Journal of the Heart second series, edited by the author of Flirtation, 1835
13. The Devoted by the author of The Disinherited, 1836

14. Love anonymous, 1837; second edition 1860
15. Memoirs of a Peeress, or the days of Fox by Mrs. C. F. Gore, edited by Lady C. Bury, 1837
Ellen Glanville by a Lady of Rank, 1838, 2 vols. Attributed to Bury by the New York Public library, but the basis for the attribution is unclear.
16. Diary illustrative of the Times of George the Fourth anonymous, 1838, 2 vols
17. The Divorced by Lady C. S. M. Bury, 1837; another edition 1858
18. ” The History Of A Flirt. Related By Herself” anonymous 1840 (London) 3 vols.; 1841 (Phila.) 2 vols.
19. Family Records, or the Two Sisters by Lady Charlotte Bury, Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard, 1841, 2vols.
20. The Manoeuvring Mother. By the author of “the History of a Flirt”. 1842. London. 3 volumes.
21. The Wilfulness of Woman. By the authoress of “The History of a Flirt”. 1844. London : Henry Colburn. 3 volumes.
22. The Roses. : By the author of “The history of a flirt.” 1853. London : Hurst and Blackett, 3 volumes
23. The lady of fashion / by the author of “The history of a flirt”. 1856. London : Hurst and Blackett, 3 volumes
24. The Two Baronets a novel of fashionable life, by the late Lady C. S. M. Bury, 1864.

I suppose you can google them, and buy them online instead of having to try and scout them out at the library. I believe they are quite rare, because the ones I got were only reprints. I have bought number 16 and 19.

It is known she was a popular person in society, and was also appointed lady-in-waiting in the household of the Princess of Wales and I think maybe Queen Caroline – I am not too sure on that fact.

She passed away at 91 Sloane Street, Chelsea, on 31 March 1861, and I believe she has left a legacy for me, not only just my granny but those that were before the last generation. I am mainly intrigued in Elizabeth Gunning and her daughter, Lady Charlotte because they were lady in waitings.

Here is a photo of Lady Charlotte Campbell Bury – I think she would be my 3rd cousin as Elizabeth, I believe, is my 2nd cousin.


Now can you see, there is another reason why I want to go to England – such rich history, and I am learning more and more. More people keep coming up in my timeline on My Heritage, so I am thinking if anyone else comes up I may do a post on them, which is exhilarating for me. I have become passionate about genealogy, and want to research more everyday. I am mainly related to the Egerton-Warburton’s because that was my grannies maiden name. I just want to do my granny proud!!!

There is a Lady Elizabeth Stanley, Countess of Derby, but its all so confusing and I don’t know how they relate!!!! Lucky for My Heritage, it creates a whole timeline for you.

Elizabeth was born on 26 January 1753 and died 14 March 1797. She was an English peeress. Okay,  so SHE married the 12th Earl of Derby. Also, according to Wikipedia (my most reliable source of information!), Lady Derby was popular among society and considered a leader of fashion alongside the Duchess of Devonshire.

She was painted by a George Romney, and the painting of her is up in the National Portrait Gallery in London. This is another reason why I added the National Portrait Gallery to my “England” list.


This is so interesting, being related to “english” ladies! I can’t wait for the day,I visit England so I can visit the homes and places and see the wonderful paintings. Having an English heritage just leaves me feeling complete!

and the 14th Earl of Derby – Sir EDWARD GEOFFREY SMITH-STANLEY, 1799 – 1869 was my third cousin, five times removed.

and there is a Sir Thomas Stanley, 4th Baronet Stanley, of Bickerstaffe, who is a direct ancestor of 10 generations. He was born on Setpember the 27th 1670 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, and then passed away at St Pauls Parish in 1714.

My! So many people keep coming up!!! I have more family than I ever thought!!!!

So, if you want to discover your story, (ancestry) I recommend My Heritage. It is so easy to navigate, and save records into your timeline. I absolutely LOVE it!!!

I might do a post on “Lady Dorothy Spencer” (born Sidney), the Countess of Sunderland, who married Lord Henry Spencer  –  when I find out more information on her. I adore writing about “ladies”. So, that will keep me busy apart from my assessments that I need to do!

………            and that’s why I need to go to Northamptonshire!!! It was NO. 1 on my list!!!

So funny, this post started off talking about “interior design”, and then I co-exist the whole “english” thing with ancestry, but it can all tie in under ENGLISH.

I am shattered that all my books are in storage. I hardly have any books in my current room!!! But I have “The House in Grosvenor Square” to finish off! I really really wanted to be able to read some of Georgette Heyer’s books as I have stated in “My Book Collection” at the start of this year. I want to get “Sprig Muslin“, and “April Lady“. But I DO need to read, Venetia, Cotillion and Sylvester as I never got to finishing them. gosh! It was all too much when moving, but I am enjoying the life in Scarborough as the weather has warmed up and I am loving getting up in the morning, going to Sambo’s for a Skinny Weak Latte’, and reading up on my favourite blogs.

I hope you enjoy clicking on the websites that I have highlighted, as they are extremely “english”, and “enjoyable”!

I feel like I could write more, but that is just the inner ‘storyteller’ in me that just wants to burst!!! I am quite happy with producing a 3000 word document so far, even though apparently a girl says ‘3 million words a day’! but that’s probably going a little bit too far! It may be true! But! oh well, I may leave you there, holding on to the next post, while I can see if I can continue watching “The Crown” on Netflix. I think I have only TWO episodes to go!!!!

Excuse me while I check out some British Designer Lamps by Anglepoise, and go online shopping on the Great British Ottamon Company, not for anything in particular, just for something fun!!!


Exquisite Emmalisa

What is your favourite interior decor brand?

Can you tell me anything about your family history?

3 thoughts on “An ‘English’ style… 

  1. Oooooh this sort of style is always so nice to see. I love elegant styles but also rustic too. Since we’ve just moved and all of our furniture is handed down from others, it’s all mismatched and not the best quality but someday we’ll have nicer things. 🙂 There’s a few instagrams I think you’d like, remind me and I’ll link you later!

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    1. Hi, I thought I had replied to this, but I might have looked at it and thought I did! LOL!! I thought I would remind you about the IG’s you wanted to recommend ! I recently came across “This is glamorous” blog, and I love their IG!!!! Also, have you heard of Lydia Elise Millen?? I am obsessed with her!!!! hahaha and I love following Arabella Golby and Becca Rose in London.


      1. Ooooh I’ll get a list together and send it your way!! There’s so many amazing IGs out there. I haven’t been writing on my blog lately. I got frustrated because my pictures kept messing up so if you have any tips or suggestions please send them my way. Talk soon! x

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