Some self-help pointers

Every morning when I wake up, one of the first things I do is check my email, because most likely there is going to be a new blog post from my favourite bloggers.

Having a “first things first” brings clarity, motivation and sets the tone for the day!

I especially love self-help posts that concentrate on the mind, health and body. As these things are the most important to most people in this world.

One of my favourite sayings is “If you aren’t obsessed with your life, change it”!!!!! I have to admit, I AM obsessed with my life. I believe in caring for yourself and love to browse for books that teach you how to lead a life of joy and fullness.

Being kind to yourself isn’t a luxury.. it’s a necessity

– Thirteen Thoughts-

Thirteen Thoughts posted a fantastic list on:

50 ways to practice self care

I love number 27 as I LOVE the word VISION. It is a spell bounding word and every company or business you encounter always has a vision. Even individuals share a vision they have for something.

I have mentioned previously the vision I have for this blog but I haven’t exactly done up a vision board which is something I would absolutely love to do!!!!!

I just started typing and away I went! I pressed on and continued with what I love to do. Sharing and presenting beauty products with women all over the world.

I wrote a VISION statement in my post on Life.

“To create a platform for ladies to find inspiration and pull thoughts, ideas and advice together whether it’s beauty, fashion or reading.”

Those main three things are what most girls are inspired about and love to mainly talk about, so I wanted to focus on those three topics when it comes to etiquette and elegance.

My recent guest post was “How to get a vintage diva look – be glamorous for a day” and I love how it is targeted at mainly young girls to aim for a timeless look.

Vision is key for any blogger and when you’re spiritually awake and your eyes are open wide, you have something that no one can take away from you!

Do something.

Number One!!!!!

Do something.

Some self-help pointers:

1. Write a book

2. Write a “joy” list

3. Watch your favourite movie or TV show over and over again

4. Lay still and listen to classical music

5. Do some journaling

6. Write a poem or a song

7. Change a different pattern of lifestyle for awhile (like if you’re a city girl, try doing something a country girl would do)

8. Develop a new mindset – start trying to think outside of your own world and stepping out of your comfort zone

9. Develop positive thoughts

10. Put on a dance song and turn the music up loud!



Exquisite Emmalisa


Do you have a vision? For your life?