Completely Cosmetics (Part 2) Lipsticks


Lipsticks add a sheer touch by setting the tone and adding colour to the face. What colour you wear is vital and is key, for when you are either out shopping or dining out at a restaurant. You can choose so many different types of lipsticks, from L’Oreal, to Revlon, Mary Kay, Chanel, MAC, Sephora, Charlotte Tilbury, the list is endless.

I love to wear pinky tones, because I am really girly-girl, I could have pink everything but my room’s not pink! I am just definite at wearing pink lipstick, as it shows my personality. I hardly wear red, only for really special occasions.

The most luminous lipstick I love is the Queen Lipstick / Matte Revolution. It gives a full plump look and the colour is pretty and bright. It has a great matte lip effect, and is totally flattering.


Now you are probably wondering why I REALLY chose this particular lipstick! Yes, you guessed it! It is because “The Queen” is in homage to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

I like the fact that it is pink, but not “too” pink, and it has an almost red look, but not totally bright!


Another great find is the L’Oreal Colour Riche Moisture Matte Lipstick Glamour Fuchsia. An ultra-moisturising lip colour that gives an excellent matte finish, and a velvety look as well. It also has jojoba oil, plus matte gel technology. It has an almost purple look which is pretty girly, and gives you that Ultra girl look when dining out!!!!


If you have clicked on the Revlon website, then you may have noticed that there is a range of Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours. It is velvety too, is 100 percent wax free and is a more gel formula. There are 8 different shades. Devotion, Obsesssion, Addiction, Temptation, Flirtation, Love, Seduction and Passion.

I also love the look of Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour which is found on the Chanel website. There are sooooo many shades such as Vera, Elise – which is gorgeous and pink! Suzy – limited edition, and I also like the Gabrielle shade, as it is a nice red for whenever you go out!!! Edith and Olga shades are very pretty too.

You can buy a whole range of shades together and OLGA is on SALE for $41.12 on all

Hydrating Sheer Lip shine #54 Boy is only $56.95 and comes with FREE shipping.

A weightless texture that glides on effortlessly, and formulated with a unique Hydratendre complex and has long lasting moisture to soften lips.



There is just a couple to choose from. I know! When it comes to lipsticks, you can be really picky, especially when it comes to the brand. I like to stick to the expensive stuff, because when I recently bought some from the local pharmacy, they just smudge and break. It is best to buy a good lasting lipstick, and it is better to pay over $30 and have it lasting for a couple of years, rather than buying something cheap and not lasting for a week!!!

and ones that have been lasting have been the ones that I mentioned on the “Pilgrimage to Port Douglas” post, the Spring Rosette in L’Oreal.

Lipsticks provide excellent sun protection as well. If your lips are dry, apply a moisture cream before putting on lipstick. 

You can also apply foundation and powder to your lips before applying lipstick. The powder lessens wrinkles on the lips. 

It is nice to google, or just shop at David Jones, and Myer at MAC or other retail stores.

I hope that you find your loving lasting lipstick!

Exquisite Emmalisa


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