Completely Cosmetics (Introduction)


Australian consumers spend well over $20 million a year on cosmetics. Studies show that physical appearance plays an important part in our social interactions, interpersonal relations and job success.

Traditionally, cosmetics were used simply to beautify or decorate the skin.

Cosmetic counters are now stocked high with potions and creams that will rejuvenate our skin, prevent wrinkles or modify the ageing process.

Cosmetics have actually been used for over 4000 years! Greeks used lanolin (which is sheep’s wool) as a moisturizer in AD 100, Romans took milk baths and also used powder to make themselves whiter! Powder was also used in the Elizabethan era.

The purpose of cleansers is to remove dirt and makeup from the skin. There are three types of cleansers available. Soaps should not be used on the face, although soaps are very effective for cleaning the skin.

For example, you can use Neutrogena – Liquid Fresh Cleanser and Makeup remover.

To buy on the Neutrogena website click HERE. I use this product daily even if I don’t wear makeup that day!


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Adventures in Merredin! 

Coffee o’clock!!!!!! Its Monday morning and I am hitting the cafe already!!!!! Skinny weak latte is my choice and Café 56 do a good job at it. 

Another day in Merredin! 

I decide to walk around town and experience Western Australia for what it is.

Later on I decided to have lunch!

Garlic Prawn Mango Stack 

I then went to Nextra News agency and had a look around and bought a new candle.

And there is Beautifully made China from Christina Re on display 

And I can’t wait to read this! Got a parcel today and it looks soooo romantic!!!!! 

Well just a short and sweet post for today!
Exquisite Emmalisa