Irresistible Me

Now, This has been what I have been DYING to show you all week!!!!!!

I received an email from Blair at Irresistible Me in New York and when I received an email from a company in New York!!!!!! I was OVER the moon! And even more excited that they have been reading my blog!

I am very eager to share with you two products that they sent me in the post. I really liked the idea of hair extensions as my hair needs volume and a bit of pizz – az to it!

We decided on getting a Medium Brown coloured hair extension clips as my natural colour is a natural brown and the product is in 16 inch (140 g) just incase you are wondering.

I didn’t know how to clip in as it was my first time doing it!!!! And Blair so kindly sent me YouTube tutorials, so that I can learn how to do it properly.

When I received the package I was delighted with the colour as it looked nice and shiny and had a beautiful natural finish. It is in the Silky Touch range.

First off, I would like to say a bit about the company in which I am collaborating with.

Irresistible Me is an American Hair accessory company which has a wide range of hair extensions from pony tails to full lace wigs to clip in and tape in extensions. They currently have a 50% off Labour Day SALE. When you sign up with your email you get 20% off your first purchase!

Now, onto the best part!

I looked at these tutorials online and it helped ssoooo much!!!! I followed the order of the number of clips. For example, the one with four clips I clipped in first, and then the one with three was next and so on and so forth!

Here is a clip to help you when you need to put hair extension clips in.

They have their own YouTube channel in which many other girls share how they put theirs in. It is easy to choose the right shade as there are a number of them to choose from! Medium Brown was a PERFECT choice as it naturally worked with my hair colour! I am so excited to receive these as I can wear them out dining or partying!


Here is a BEFORE photo shot of just my natural hair.


I clipped in each section and it filled out and created SOOOO much volume!


I love how it has created a LUSCIOUS look!

And it has given MUCH length…..

I also received a pony tail clip on the right side of the package which is a weft that belongs to the whole set but I decided to just put this one in on its own in this picture. They put it separately so that clients can check the colour and length. Thanks to Blair she had to kindly explain this to me!

It added a “curl” to my naturally straight hair which looked voluminous once clipped in.

Here is before without the ponytail extension.

And this is after…….

Here is a clip showing how to clip in pony tail extensions.

You can follow Irresistible Me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

They also are on Pinterest! Which is perfect for creating a HAIR board on your account!

I want to thank Blair so much for emailing me and allowing me to review their products, I appreciate it kindly for trying it out! And I am very happy with the result. What a very well renowned genuine company, I must say.

They are very helpful when choosing the perfect colour and length. So, hop on over to their website and check out their beautiful accessories!



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