Wondrous Writing


I decided to go back through my blogs and have a read of them. I have surprised myself!!!! Some things I look back at and I go WOW! Did I write that!!!!??? Or how did I come up with that?

I have allowed inspiration to take with me everywhere I go! So I hope anything that I have written has inspired you about life.

I believe I have done my job if I have at least inspired or reached out to one person in this life!

I have surprised myself as a writer, and I am excited about this year. Like I said, I am in the middle of Library Studies, and I was very proud when I just finished an Assessment for Develop and Apply Knowledge of Information Services. I did a Cover letter, Selection Criteria and a Resume, for a position that the lecturer just gave us. It should take about another three months or so! I love the process of studying, and I am already thinking of what I will be doing after I finish it. I have PLANS!!!!!


I did a bit of reading and was able to finish this subject easily. From reading and writing, I am inspired to try and write something similar of Enid Blyton! She was my favourite author growing up, and when I was little I used to listen to the audio books of The Folk of the Faraway Tree, or The Magic Faraway Tree. Places like Topsy Turvy Land take me to a whole other world!!!! And opens up my mind to a BIG imagination….

If I just used my forbid imagination, I hope I can come up with something!!!! I am half way through “The House on Quill Court” and the writing is just beautiful. As per my blog, Great Goodies. I love it, and I think you will like it too!

I have totally forgotten what it is like to write an essay, but if I put my mind straight onto things I hope I can publish something. It is a BIG dream of mine! I had the dream of being an author when I was a teenager when I was in Year 10. I grew up without a TV in the house, so I spent a lot of my time reading, and I was a huge fan of The Baby Sitters Club or Sweet Valley High. I don’t read them anymore, but I wouldn’t be ashamed to still read them at the age of 29!


We all grow up in our own good time and I am still learning to grow up! Haha! Three months until I am 30! Eeekkkk!!! It is a great journey, and I love my life.

Although, I feel it would be better if I were living back in Melbourne, but maybe Merredin is just a passing through season. I feel it is to be a passing memory, as I know I won’t be here forever. My dream is London, as anywhere big like Melbourne would be heaven!!!! Harrods and Fortnum & Mason are DREAM DESTINATIONS!!!!

Now if you are wondering what this blog is about, it is not necessarily about anything! I just write what is on my heart or on my mind, and then I decide on a title after I have finished. I feel like I could write forever but I won’t bore you as much. I basically wanted to write about “writing” as it is the body of the blog.



There is so much to talk about when it comes to the broad topic of writing. People write for fun, work or a hobby, and my granny was a writer, so in my heart I wish to be like her. She only wrote two short books, but I would like to write a novel eventually, which she didn’t do based on one of the estates my ancestors lived in Cheshire. I have the idea of a novel, but will keep it a secret till I visit England and see firsthand what things are like there. I wrote two chapters so I was pretty chuffed with myself!!!!


I have a love for old English places and writing, so we will see how I go with it! I love books that are similar to Downton Abbey, as the time period takes you to a whole other place!

I can not WAIT till I go to England!!!! I feel like there is SOOOO much to learn, and I have a love for history of castles and palaces mostly, but Cheshire is on my heart as my great, great, great, great grandfather lived in Arley Hall. Check out Arley Hall and see what it is like!!! Like I said, I cannot WAIT to visit!!!!! For fun, you can also check out Tatton Park where my other ancestors lived. Doesn’t it look MAGICAL!!!!!!!!???? My heart is bursting to go!


It is definitely on my heart.

Exquisite Emmalisa

Is there something that you would like to write?

Is there anything on your heart to write? whether its journalling or a novel?

What are you inspired to write about!!!!???


4 thoughts on “Wondrous Writing

    1. Keep going!!!! Everyone is talented at it, it’s just putting your mind and time to it. Thanks for stopping by! I believe in YOU! and that is why you are a blogger too… xx


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