Joy and Jubilation 

What do you LOVE doing? What takes up your time?

What things keep you going through life?

I have found interests, and hobbies such as blogging to keep me busy throughout my life. 

I love watching DVDs, such as Lost In Austen, and have taken an interest in many things such as Royal life, books, tv shows, and the list goes on! 

Recently I had a conversation about “joy” with a group of people.

What gives you joy?

I remember recently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were asked what gives them joy.

Prince William proudly said his children, Kate said “a walk” and my favourite one was Prince Harry saying “making people smile”. I thought that was VERY important and that’s something that I would respond with.

Making people smile and feel happy would be a rewarding thing.

In what kind of experiences have you experienced real joy?

This opened up for discussion for us and I said I find joy from blogging!!!! Hehe someone else said they find joy from helping others. I thought that was great!! 

JOY is an amazing experience and feeling. I believe it comes from within….. Joy comes from the heart and is more lasting than just happiness.

Do you find joy from daily experiences?

What GIVES you joy?

Joy is better than just happiness,…. I believe it is an everlasting happiness, and it’s a content feeling you find in your heart.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “joy”?

I believe once you find something that gives you joy, you then get addicted to whatever it is!!!! 

So, find something this week that gives you joy!!!!

Or just try and have a joyful heart wherever you are! 

I believe there is a difference between joy and happiness. Happiness is temporary, and keeps you feeling happy for a while but JOY is a lasting steadfast feeling. And goes on further in life!!! 

So, TODAY! Choose JOY


Exquisite Emmalisa

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