It has been on my heart to write about an important issue that is world-wide. I had an interesting conversation with a friend about the statistics of bullying. I cannot believe what goes on in schools, high schools, maybe even college!!! It can happen anywhere, in the home, at work, school, even at church!! You would be surprised!!!

I want to provide some tips on how to prevent or avoid bullying wherever you are! And I hope it helps those that have gone through these situations.


Here are some steps to help you with the issue of bullying:

  1. Do not argue back/Be Quiet about it – If it is a situation of verbal conflict. People like to create scenes where they look good, and they look the best. It is best to be quiet in most cases, and let them think whatever. Fighting back can cause more of a scene!!!
  2. Try not to engage/talk with them – I think the best thing when someone bullys you, is to try to avoid them at all costs. They will then somehow move on, and forget about what they said – Sometimes!!! But if they are constantly biting on you, I think the first and foremost thing to do is to just NOT talk to them.
  3. Don’t react – When someone says something to you and it is totally offensive, try not to react no matter what the situation is… If the person continues to bag you, I believe the best way to handle the situation is to just smile, and either walk off. If you happen to be near each other, then just look the other way! Don’t show that it stresses you, otherwise that person will love that they “got you”.               SMILE - BULLY
  4. Try to talk with their friends – I think it would be very interesting, if someone has friends when bullying most likely they are their friends involuntarily. If it is a group of people bullying you, try to talk with one of them when the other person isn’t there. It would be a very interesting conversation to see if they really like the person that is bullying! Listen to them carefully and be genuine when talking to them, you would be surprised to see what they would open up about!
  5. Be Kind – ALWAYS be kind to whomever, no matter what. It goes such a long way, when using this quality of heart. Be kind to the bully – they may get a shock! Be kind to their FRIENDS. Be kind to the person next door. Be kind to their friends friends….. Don’t give them too much attention when they are in the wrong. I made a mistake in primary school, as someone said to me “No offence but your lips are fat, and I just said “no offence, but you’re fat!” Do NOT do what I did. Instead, be nice to them back, you could become great friends eventually.
  6. Don’t be afraid of the person – Understand that they ARE human as well as you!!! If they are a bigger person, you never know – they might actually be soft on the inside – you will be surprised about how many bullys actually turn out to have the nicest heart at the end, and recognize that people DO change, and CAN change!!!!


Well, there are my helpful tips on bullying.

I really hope they help with anything little or BIG!



Whether you are in primary school, high school, university, or are a worker – I hope that these help you in situations that seem helpless.

Feel free to email me or get involved in something like the Bully Project. You can buy DVD’s and a toolkit – You can even host your own event! Or start your OWN project!!!!

You can donate and become a member on – a site that is helping transform and change young peoples lives! They have reached 4 million people, but would LOVE to reach 10 million!! Donate today to help reach to those statistics!!!!!




Check out articles online that will help you such as Government websites.

Don’t be afraid to just BE YOU! And stand up for yourself! I have let people stomp all over me, but standing up for yourself is the most courageous thing to ever do!


Exquisite Emmalisa

Did these tips help you? Would love to here from you about anything! Send me an email, and I will see if I can help further. If you are a young girl living at home – talking with your parents is the best thing you can ever do!!!



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