This past week I have been searching for some “RepliKates”, as you know I have become a huge fan of Kate Middleton, hence my blog on Coats. Her style, her hair, her aura, she seems to have it all!!! The “Princess Personality” is what every girl desires to be. She holds herself with such grace, poise and character – I think I have said this before – but those qualities are what is definitely to be found in a Princess!!

To replicate her looks, I have found one of the best websites which is called “Kates Closet”. You can shop her style and different dresses to accessories.

My favourite dress is the “Alexander McQueen Champagne Lace Dress“. It is just feminine with a soft touch!




I think the dress that comes closest to Kate’s is the Tadashi Shoji Two-Tone Lace Sheath Dress as it has Ivory lace just like Kates and also the waistband, but is with a bow as none of the other dresses have the belt. It is fully lined and is approximately $480AU. It can be found on the Nordstrom website.




There are so many dresses to choose from, but I wanted to focus on this particular dress as it exemplifies elegance, femininity and ladies fashion all in one. I like how it is a straight look and that it doesn’t look too messy with all the lace over the whole dress. I think it screams female attributes all in one dress and adds a touch of class, which is the kind of thing every woman wants!! It is not all the same colour though, as it is TWO TONED.

I ADORE lace, and this is on my “TO BUY” list!!!! Yes, it just keeps piling up, but this is ON TOP of the list for now, even though I have laybyed a few things with Edgecombes Jewellers.

In particular, a Victoria and Albert Museum Collection Cupid Necklace. I will post a photo of it one day!!

Having a list keeps me exhilarated for now, including My Britain magazine that I just bought today!!


The front picture just looks stunning and the tulips look magnificent. Anything to do with castles or palaces, I am intrigued!! This new interest has kept me busy, and also including the rich history of my family, the Egerton-Warburtons, which I mentioned in “Travels in Australia“. Once I have read my granny’s book I may have a story to tell!!

London, or England I should say is on the cards this year and I am OVER THE MOON!!!! The history is not like Australia at all……. I plan on going either after I complete my studies, or SOON!!! Well, writing and reading will help keep me occupied till then, and I will have things to do beforehand. Until then, I will just keep collecting more and more information!!!!


Emmalisa Louise

What is your favourite RepliKate?

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