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I am a Mary Kay fanatic, and I have been using the skincare and makeup for about several years. I was a consultant for a little while when I was 23-24, but never got around to hosting classes. I gained a lot of knowledge and absolutely loved the $5 book on how Mary Kay started her company. It was very inspirational. I still have the TimeWise collection for the face but don’t use it as often, as I keep to my daily ritual of Neutrogena cleanser and Sukin moisturiser, and it seems to be working for me! I like how Mary Kay likes to “THINK PINK“. I collected so much stuff from applying as a consultant, and LOVED all of the makeup. I used a lot of things as gifts as well and adored the packaging.


With the products I used, I used a lot of pinks and browns as I always wanted to create a “natural day wear” look. I don’t know about you, but I love those two colours the MOST! Here is attached the CURRENT Catalogue of Mary Kay where you can explore what’s in at the moment with their makeup.




One product I swear by is the Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15*. It is a gel that glides on to fill in imperfections and gives a matte finish that helps the foundation you put on after work well. It is oil free and helps reduce wrinkles and lines on the face.

You can look “posh in pink“!! with the following products:

Sheer Dimensions Powder – Pearl Colour – $34

Pearls is a pearlescent tone for a finish that looks bathed in candlelight. This is on my “to buy” list as I LOVE shimmering pink tones for the cheeks!


True Dimensions® Sheer Lipstick – $18


Mineral Cheek Color Duo – $18

Perfect for creating a radiant, healthy glow. Each palette contains a matte blush plus a pearlized highlighting shade.

Bronzing Powder

This is off the Mary Kay radar but it is actually a GLOBAL award winning bronzing powder and it creates a sun-kissed glow and contour for the face, which will just top off your natural look that you are going for.

To create a classic look, go to the Mary Kay Website or click on classic look and check out the step by step program to see a way for a natural look. Some of the eyeshadows are only like $8!!!!!

There is a Makeup Finishing Spray which is like a mist spray that sets the rest of your makeup, and helps it maintain a glow for the rest of your day! This is a product MUST HAVE!


I also came across a website where you can do makeup courses online at You can become a certified Makeup artist. The training starts at $199. Don’t forget to check out their BLOG section!!!! There is still probably so much more to talk about as it is a worldwide brand and LOTS of women know of it. If I come up with any more ideas I will definitely be blogging about it!!!!

Dont’ forget to check out their under $25 Beauty Must Haves!!!


Exquisite Emmalisa






2 thoughts on “My Mary Kay Blog

    1. Thankyou so much!!!! I used to ADORE Mary Kay so MUCH, I was exactly the same when I read the book I posted, she (Mary Kay) was a role model and icon in America, and had a passion for what she did with skincare. If I was in Melbourne, I probably would want to go back to being a consultant – It is a bit hard in a country town! Thank you so much for reading my blog xx


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