Magnificent Mandurah

Arriving into Mandurah was just paradise…… It is a beach and village on the coast of WA south of Perth, Australia. Embarking on a three day journey felt like the most adventurous thing I had ever done since Port Douglas in 2013. Such a great start to the year!!!!

It was my first time EVER going on a house boat….. The boat had a name…… Abbey J….. Most boats had names and I liked the sound of “Lady Lorna”. There is a boat called “Quicksilver” with “Mandurah House Boats” which is where we hired ours from, which Quicksilver has a SPA in it!!!! I had my own bedroom and the boat was just comfy, spacious, and luxurious. We had access to television and could charge our phones. I made sure I took a book, Sophia, about a god daughter of Queen Victorias.

Sitting on deck with book in hand and a magnificent view was all I could not ask for more.



We packed lots of food, snacks and stopped off at cafes and restaurants within the inlet. Where we stopped over night at the Pelicans Public Jetty we fed the seagulls, I indulged over a Mango Milkshake and my sisters had fun catching crabs!!!! My mum even caught a fish!





On the third day, during the day we saw LOTS of dolphins!!!! It was ssooooo beautiful and they are such amazing creatures, they glided across the pristine water like they were the only ones there!! I was in AWE of them!!!
I took lots of photos with my Canon camera and got a few close ups……. One came RIGHT near the boat in front of me!!!!!



The trip was full of much excitement and fun. My sisters know how to have a ball!!

So if you’re ever considering hiring a houseboat, don’t forget Mandurah has a range of boats to choose from!!! And who wouldn’t want the one with the spa!!!


Exquisite Emmalisa

What’s the first thing you would like to do this year?

P.S. there are also videos on my Instagram page!!!

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