Dresses, Dresses, Dresses…..

There is a difference between elegance and sophistication….

ELEGANCE - AUDREY HEPBURNElegance as we know is graciousness in action, and possessing a certain confident simplicity.

Sophistication proceeds from a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

You can be elegant without sophistication and sophisticated without elegance….. I believe a lady should have both.

Who do you think of when you think of the word “lady”? There are women out there that don’t act like a “lady”, and I think all women should learn at some point to BE a lady. Sophistication is key, and finding the right dresses is important!! What you wear is FIRST IMPRESSIONS and it is the first thing people see of you.

I have been shopping on a particular website today, www.rosegal.com, and you would find some very pretty summer dresses. This is the Fresh Style Jewel Neck Sleeveless Floral Print Women’s Dress. I think it makes a statement, and will impress the people around you. It is only $25.01 in Australian Dollars, and there is FREE shipping!!! I think this dress would look well with the Elegant Rhinestoned Beading Lace Headband For Women which you will find in the Hair Accessories section. ONLY $10.33!!!


Sexy Round Collar Sleeveless Floral Print Women’s Dress” that is $19.17, which is previewed below. I love it because of the floral print, and it flows to make an elegant look but looking cute as well.


Another cheap find is the “Sweet Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Pleated Women’s Dress” and it is $37.74. This is perfect for Spring AND Summer! I think it is very cute, and is a great find for summer. It’s perfect for going down to the beach, and the white lace gives it a beautiful finish. You could add an accessory like the Chic Retro Style Leaf Shape Women’s Hairband Chic Retro Style Leaf Shape Women’s Hairband which is also found on the website. It is $5.19!!! The website is in the USA but I have given Australian Dollars.


This is the LAST Summer dress I want to share with you. It is the “Stylish Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Women’s Dress”, and on the website you will find that it is only $17.48. It is very pretty but BOLD at the same time. Have a look at MORE dresses on the Rose Gal website. I love this site, and there is LOTS to shop!!!!


Speaking of elegance there is the “Fashionable Round Collar Cap Sleeve Lace A-Line Dress“. I absolutely LOVE it and it is very elegant. Black is always elegant. It’s on SALE and is $17.81. All these dresses come with FREE SHIPPING!! This is PERFECT for a formal dinner or any event, and is sure to make a statement.


Another similar dress is the “Women V-neck low-cut Long Sleeve Evening Party Cocktail Lace Mini Dress“. The problem is it is only ONE SIZE. It costs around $8.40, and is VERY lady-like. You will be the height of sophistication with this dress!!  and will look even more elegant when accessorized with gold jewellery. It will look gorgeous for any night out!!


What stood out to me was the “Stylish Round Collar Long Sleeve See-Through Cut Out Women’s Lace Dress”. It is sssoooo pretty!!! and is $25.17. Add even more of a touch with the Vintage Wide Lace Hairband for $4!!! It’s more of an ivory colour but I think you can get a way with it!! It adds a touch of class!! You can also get it on Style Flow in the UK.


I think the last two dresses that I posted are mostly elegant AND sophisticated, and as a LADY that’s what you want!!! These two dresses give such an impression and statement, and look highly chic and vintage. If chic is what you want, then I recommend the website I have given you. My favourite dress will have to be the white one as it is just stunning, and I believe most girls will WANT that dress!!

Happy Shopping on Rose Gal!


Exquisite Emmalisa

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